Sunday, February 24, 2019

Mary Monk

Flooded March Grass © Mary Monk
Name: Mary Monk
Bio: Mary Monk grew up in New Orleans but has been living in Abita Springs with her husband and four children for the past twenty years and has been an award winning professional artist for all that time. She received most her artistic training through classical drawing lessons but as pastellist is self taught. She is an active member of the Degas Pastel Society and the Pastel Society of America. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines such as: Plein Air Magazine, Pastel Magazine, Louisiana Life Magazine, New Orleans Art Review Magazine, and the Pastel Journal (June 2018).
Medium: Pastel
Subjects : Landscape. Monk is a committed plein air painter.
Style: Naturalistic.
Best quote: “I saw that my worst painting done en plein air is still better that my best painting done in my studio.”
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Gallery: Landscapes

Image View: Slideshow allows thumbnails to open on same page. These may be saved. Titles and dimensions supplied. Flooded March Grass is is 10 x 24 ins, 8900 x 500, 73.5 KB
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Monday, February 11, 2019

Dina Gardner

Irish Seas © Dina Gardner
Name: Dina Gardner
Bio: Boston artist Dina Gardner is a relatively recent convert to the pastel medium. A ‘creative’ person, but certainly not someone who grew up with a love for art or any noticeable artistic ability, Dina realized after finishing her first pastel painting that she had found her creative outlet. She has spent the last several years studying and reading everything she can about pastel, painting daily when possible and dreaming about painting when not. Her pastel box has traveled with her from coast to coast, and her sketch pad and pencils have traveled around the world, from Ireland to Bhutan.
Dina has already made her mark, with paintings in private collections from California to Colorado, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Texas, Arizona, New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and internationally in Portugal, Tanzania and Canada.
In addition to painting, Dina donates the proceeds from all of her paintings to an organization she founded in 2016, the “Pay It Forward Backpack Project”. This is a grassroots organization which connects the local Boston community to the Boston homeless population by directly providing homeless people with backpacks filled with winter essentials to help them endure the tough New England winters. For more information check her website.
Medium: Pastel.
Subjects : Landscape; water
Style: Creative interpretation of the scene.
“My paintings reflect the things that I am drawn to: oceans and water, skies, forests, marshes and meadows. I'm also inspired by my travels and I love cities and architecture. When I paint, from a photo reference or even when I paint plein air, I’m not painting what the subject looks like but rather I am painting what my response is to the subject.”
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Gallery: Landscape/Skyscape; Waves/Water; Still Life/Travels; Sold.
Image View: Thumbnails open on new page and images may be saved. You my also use a zoom feature to study them in more detail. Irish Seas is 18 x 24 ins, 900 x 740, 139 KB
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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

David Decobert

The Siesta © David Decobert
Name: David Decobert
Bio: “Then felt I like some watcher of the skies/When a new planet swims into his ken”. Keats said it for me, when I first saw the pastels of David Decobert. His is a unique talent, his paintings immediately recognisable, humorous and witty, and immensely skillful.
David was born in Paris in 1967. Self-taught, he painted his first pastels in the late 1990s. Since then, his meticulous chiaroscuro approach has won him numerous awards. He has been exhibiting since the early 2000s.
Medium: Pastel.
Subjects : Imaginative Still life.
Style: Precise, meticulous, illustrative..
Navigation: The website is in French, but easy to follow.
Gallery: Pinocchio; Vies Silencieuses (Silent Lives); Pantins (Puppets).
Image View: Information is given on dimension, and close-ups are provided on each gallery page under the Details section. Images may be saved. The Siesta is  30 x 40 cms, 1200 x 800, 536 KB
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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Deborah Damgaard-Hansen

Miss Pepper on the Edge © Deborah Damgaard-Hansen
Name: Deborah Damgaard-Hansen
Bio: Born 195i in Minnesota, Deborah Damgaard-Hansen learned to paint in college, and too additional private instruction in classical and plein air painting. After ten years in Norway, Deborah moved to Denmark in 2002, on the far northwest, in Thy, between the west coast and the Limfjord waterway. This is where she mostly paints, weather permitting, but also in other parts of Denmark, especially the architecture of Copenhagen.

Windmill on a Cloudy Day © Deborah Damgaard-Hansen
Deborah has won awards in the IAPS, and the Pastel Guild of Europe.
Medium: Pastel

Subjects : Landscape, Still life. Deborah says: Since it's ofter rainy or windy or a wild combination of's not always possible to venture out to paint.I then explore Denmark inside: the odd bits and pieces of daily life - most often retro and antique things, from which I compose a still life..
Style: Loose, Painterly.
Navigation: This FASO website may be explored in English or in Danish
Gallery: Landscape in Denmark; Boats and Water in Denmark; On the Streets; Landscape other locales; Still Life; Botanical; Archive

Image View: Images reveal details of size and title on mouseover, which means that they cannot be downloaded. Miss Pepper on the Edge is 55 x 70 cm; Windmill on a Cloudy Day is 30 x 40.
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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sharon Pomales

Agnus Dei omnes © Sharon Pomales
Name: Sharon Pomales PSA
Bio: Born 1970 and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sharon Pomales is a contemporary realist artist working in oil and pastel. At the age of seven she took drawing lessons with renowned Argentinean portrait artist Antonio Gantes. Sharon kept studying drawing and painting with her father, Raul Pomales-Ledee, a watercolor artist, commercial illustrator and Art Director who worked in Advertising in San Juan and was her mentor and teacher until he passed away in Orlando, FL in 2006. Sharoin studied Visual Arts for 3 years at Sacred Heart University with artists Mary Ann MacKinnon and Rafael Marquez. A few years later she returned to college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.
She returned to painting full-time in 2007 and in July 2008 her piece “Self-portrait/heartbroken” was chosen to be part of the prestigious 15th Annual Auction of Latin American Art in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Since moving to Ohio in 2012 she has exhibited at various galleries, institutions, and museums nationwide and internationally. Her work has been featured in various publications, including the February 2018 ussue of the Pastel Journal. Sharon is a member of the Portrait Society of America, American Women Artists, International Guild of Realism, Allied Artists of America, and is a Signature Member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society and the Pastel Society of America.
​Her work is represented by Lovetts Gallery in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Medium: Pastel; oil.
Subjects : Still life.
Style: Contemporary realist
Gallery/ Image View: Click on the image under “Paintings” to scroll through her pastels and oils.
Details are provided on medium and dimension. Download is only possible as WebP files, which need a convertor to view. Click on the camera icon for Instagram to view more of her work. Agnus Dei omnes is 36”x24”
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Monday, February 5, 2018

Tom Beasley

Cielo Azul II.© Tom Beasley
Name: Tom Beasley
Bio: Tom Beasley was born in 1950 in Beeville, Texas, and still lives there. He painted in oils as a hobby while in undergraduate school at the University of Texas, then went on to study law. After being away from art for 40 years, he was encouraged to take it up again at around 62 years of age by an unusual series of circumstances. (See Tom's website for more on this.)
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: The natural world, especially south and southwest Texas.
Style: Representational; a distilled simplicity.
Navigation: A FASO website
Gallery: South Texas; Texas Coast; Southwest Texas
Image View: Large thumbnails open in a viewer, and may be scrolled. Details are provided on medium and dimension. Download is possible. Cielo Azul II is 28 x 20 ins.
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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Kathy Hildebrandt

First Loves © Kathy Hildebrandt
Name: Kathy Hildebrandt, ASA, SCA, PAC, MPAC, PSA, IAPS/MC
Bio: Kathy Hildebrandt is an international award winning artist whose primary medium is pastel. She is a self taught artist who also paints in several mediums. Her interest in art began in the mid 1980’s but was put on hold while she pursued her Certified Management Accountant designation and career. in 2001 Kathy started to seriously pursue art, focusing initially on landscape painting. While still working in oil, acrylic, and graphite, pastels are now her medium of choice. The immediacy of pastels, along with the luscious colors and textures captivated her and allows her to achieve her artistic visions. She has pursued her studies in pastel with Dianna Ponting, Gaye Adams, Roberta Combs.
Kathy is a full time professional artist and an instructor in all mediums at Green Palette Art Studio in Calgary. She is a signature member of the Alberta Society of Artists, the Society of Canadian Artists, Pastel Artists Canada, the International Guild of Realism, Federation of Canadian Artists, and the Pastel Society of America. Kathy has received Master Pastellist status with Pastel Artists Canada and has achieved Master Circle status with the International Association of Pastel Societies. Currently (2017) she is the on the Board of Directors of two Canadian art associations. She is the Secretary of the Society of Canadian Artists and the Vice President and Director of Pastel Artists, CA.
Medium: Pastel; oil; Acrylic; watercolour.
Subjects : Still life.
Style: While drawn to many painting styles, realism is where Kathy# heart lies. She strives to capture all the details and the likeness of her subjects as she sees them. She is intrigued by detail and excited by vibrant color.
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Gallery: Still Life; Old News Series; Games Pieces Series; Toys in the Attic Series; It’s all in the Title Series.
Image View: Thumbnails open in a viewer, and may be scrolled. Details are provided on medium and dimension. Download is only possible as WebP files, which need a convertor to view. First Loves is 24 x 23 ins.
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