Thursday, November 19, 2009

Camille Leblond

Name: Camille Leblond
Bio: Camille Leblond was born in Morocco in 1950. Aged 12 he read a book written by Perruchot about the life of Van Gogh which inspired him to become a painter. His technique and style changed drastically when, in Brittany, the pastel became his chosen medium. His personal exploration of powder pastel, combined with the particular qualities of the Breton landscape opened him up as a figurative and landscape artist. Powder pastel itself became a source of inspiration, research and subject matter.
Media: Pastel
Subjects: Portraits, figures, objects and landscapes
Style: Luminous representations of familiar and intimate things
Navigation: After the index page, where you need to click on "entrez" at the bottom, the Main Menu remains available on the side. It is in French, but self-explanatory.
Gallery: Camargue, Provence, Africa, Brittany, Ireland
Image view: Thumbnails enlarge, but enlargements need further click to side for details which could easily be displayed with image. Enlargements can be saved, up to 500x330 25 KB. There is also a “pastel book” which is effectively a slide-show
Demos: No, but a seven minute video of the modesty, the emotion, the musical silence, the magic of Leblond’s world,
Blog: No
Ebay: No

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