Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dave Beckett

Name: Dave Beckett PSC, PSA
Bio: Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1939, his family moved to Toronto in 1940 and in 1947 they relocated to Orillia, Ontario. At the age of thirteen he began his first art lessons with Edna Van Konnet, a Toronto artist. In 1954 he began a career in advertising sales and marketing, a successful career that was to develop and continue until 1979. He swapped his briefcase for an easel and box of pastels and moved from Toronto to Orillia, Ontario and a new life...
Media: Pastel
Subjects: Landscapes
Style: Representational
Navigation: Home page has Main Menu at side. This remains on all pages.
Gallery: Series of thumbnails of individual works by name. Resting the cursor on the image brings up a little information about the painting.
Image view: Click on gallery thumbnails to enlarge – not to a very great size. On the plus side the right click is not disabled. Downloads to 332x330, 53 KB.
Demos: No
Blog: No
Ebay: No

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