Tuesday, November 24, 2009

G. Daniel Massad

Name: G. Daniel Massad
URL: http://personal-pages.lvc.edu/massad/
Bio: Born 1946, Oklahoma City. Graduated from Princeton in 1969, with two things he considered as useful to him as his degree: his first box of pastels, and what would prove to be a deeply influential lifelong connection with Toshiko Takaezu, his instructor in ceramics.
Media: Pastel. Massad observes that the dense surface texture he seeks requires many layers of minute revision, ten pastels constitute roughly three years of almost full-time work at the easel.
Subjects: Still life. Massad has called himself a "rhyparographer" – a painter of common things. That’s a new word in my lexicon.
Style: Meticulous, realistic, sober.
Navigation: Main Menu on top on home page. Sub-menus depend on the page content. Professionally-designed site pared to the essentials.
Gallery: Two galleries of thumbnails - Recent Work, and Archives. Title indicated as tooltip on thumbnails.
Image view: The recent work thumbnails will enlarge on same page when clicked to give data, and the enlarged image may be saved. File size up to 600x1000, 117 KB. Archived thmbnails do not enlarge.
Demos: No
Blog: No
Ebay: No

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