Monday, November 16, 2009

Marie-Pierre Le Sellin

Name: Marie-Pierre Le Sellin
Old URL (still online):
New URL:
Bio: Marie-Pierre Le Sellin ‘s background is classical. Born in Paris in 1967 In School of Applied Arts in Paris 1984 –1988. Working as a graphic artist in Paris and in Charente-Maritime until 1992. Botanical watercolors for the City of Paris until 1995 and then for Klorane laboratories with the collaboration of the Natural History Museum in Paris.
Now based in the small village of Matha, in the heart of the Cognac vineyards,
Media: Pastels, acrylic, watercolour
Subjects: Still life, flowers
Style: Representational
Navigation: For the old website, click on image on index page, then follow main menu at left - it is in French, but check out Galeries for images, and Ma technique for the demos. After that it's easy.
For the new website, the first three headings under Photos link to artworks. There's a lot more of interest on the site, but you need French!
Gallery: Old website: Organised by subject, six images per page. New website: Organised by subject, five large images per page.
Image view: Old website: Thumbnails enlarge to new page, and can be saved.
Demos: Yes, stage by stage.
Blog: No
Ebay: No

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