Monday, December 7, 2009

Francine Van Hove

Name: Francine Van Hove
NOTE: As of January 2012 this URL seems no longer to be active. However, the URL for the blog still works.
Bio: Born in Paris, 1942, where she lives and works. She has exhibited widely, including Chicago and Los Angeles.
Media: Oil, Pastel, Charcoal
Publications: At least six considerable gallery catalogues.
Subjects: The female form.
Style: Realistic. Modern Classical
Navigation: Site is in French. Main Menu remains available on top once you enter site. Site last updated 2009. It is maintained by her gallery.
Gallery: Under the link Visite you will find Themes (subjects) and Categories (media). There are only 18 images under the two pastel categories, and most of those are studies for her oils. But these are masterly works. And don’t neglect to look at the oils as well.
Image view: All images can be enlarged to give title, medium and dimension.
Demo: No.
Blog: There is a considerable blog dedicated to Van Hove, written by someone who clearly is an insider or intimate. The more recent postings tend to be bi-lingual (English and French) but it is fundamentally a French blog.
Ebay: No.

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