Saturday, January 30, 2010

Joe Mancuso

Name: Joe Mancuso, PSA
Bio: Joe Mancuso has been a full time professional artist since 1997, living in southern California. For more information check out his website and blog.
Joe is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America.
Media: Pastel, oil.
Subjects: Landscape. Mancuso especially likes backlit subjects.
Style: Representational.
Navigation: Main menu or Home available.
Gallery: Paintings, with sub-menu Archives; and Plein Air.
Image View: Each gallery page contains thumbnails with data on medium and size, except for Archives (size declared, but not medium). Thumbnails enlarge in new window and may be downloaded. You can scroll through the images, use the back button on your PC, or hit Home to navigate from this page. File size can be up to 1226x943, 98 KB.
Demo: There are two videos that may be downloaded – although when I viewed the page they could not be played. One is the Los Olivos Quick Draw, which gives artist 45 minutes to complete a painting. The other is called Morning Light in Mammoth, an oil painting demo - my download was without a soundtrack....
Blog: Yes.
Ebay: No.

Joan Larson

Name: Joan Larson, PSC.
Bio: Joan Larson has studied at the Banff Centre, the University of Victoria, and the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Her career has embraced graphic design, illustration, managing her own gallery in Palm Desert, California, and developing several picture framing businesses. Her diverse education and life experiences have given her a practical understanding of the business aspects of the art world, as well as a technical proficiency with a variety of art mediums. She prefers to work primarily with pastels due to the exceptional colour effects that can be achieved when working with sticks of pure pigment. She is a member of the Pastel Society of Canada, the Equine Art Guild and the Federation of Canadian Artists.
Media: Pastel, oil, acrylic, tempera.
Subjects: Larson specializes in equine art work, often drawing upon her background of landscape and figurative painting to create her work.
Style: Realistic.
Navigation: Main menu remains visible at side.
Gallery: New Works, Musical Ride, Landscapes, Equines, Portraits (horses, not people!).
Image View: Each gallery page contains thumbnails with data on medium and size. Thumbnails enlarge in new window when clicked and may be downloaded with sometimes an overenthusiastic Copyright protected legend on the image (see above).
Demo: No. But under Musical Ride may be found preliminary sketches of unfinished paintings.
Blog: No.
Ebay: No.

Joan Dromey

Name: Joan Dromey
Bio: Joan F. Dromey of Kingston MA, was born and raised in Central Massachusetts. She holds a Bachelor of Art degree from the College of the Holy Cross, completing requirements for a major in Fine Arts as well as Political Science. Following college graduation, business and professional pursuits left no time for creative work and artistic endeavors. However, on an extended vacation in the summer of 2006, she began to paint once again.
Media: Pastel.
Subjects: New England.
Style: Representational.
Navigation: Main menu remains visible on top.
Gallery: Portfolio consists of thumbnails plus sub-galleries of Work in progress and the Art Attic (older works).
Image View: The thumbnails enlarge when clicked, opening an Adobe Flash player which doesn’t allow individual images to be saved. The title, size and price are stated.
Demo: Inadvertant. Under Portfolio there is a Photographs sub-gallery which contains some images that have been translated into paintings. The images on this blog were saved by using the Prt Sc button on Flash.
Blog: No.
Ebay: No.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Jimmy Wright

Name: Jimmy Wright
Bio: Born in rural Kentucky, 1944, Wright moved to Chicago to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and he lived and made art there for four formative years.
As a young, quickly maturing painter and printmaker, Wright was part of the hotbed of activity that spawned Chicago's imagist movement. He was close friends with members of the group that called itself The False Image, especially Philip Hanson, Christina Ramberg, and Roger Brown.
Wright graduated with honors from SAIC in 1967 and he returned for a semester of grad school. With a travel fellowship from SAIC, he left on an overland journey through Europe into Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and finally Nepal and India, where he stayed for four months. In the autumn of 1969, Wright moved from Chicago to Carbondale, Illinois, to attend graduate school at Southern Illinois University, where he was awarded an MFA in 1971.
A major catastrophe befell Wright in 1970 when his house burned down, taking with it all the paintings he'd made while in Chicago.
In 2004 Wright's current work was hailed by The New Yorker as "...van Gogh on acid." Wright might be said to have deconstructed sunflowers, to the extent that it is difficult to imagine that there is anything left to say on the subject.
Media: Pastel, oil
Subjects: Sunflowers, self portraits
Style: I cannot categorise these paintings, other than to say they represent the object depicted.
Navigation: Main menu remains visible on top.
Gallery: Works, subdivides into Works on paper (25 pictures, mainly pastel, of which there are 20 ways of looking at a sunflower), and Paintings (oils).
Image View: The thumbnails state title, medium and dimension. The enlarged images open on a new page, and may be saved. File size is up to 320x525, 95 KB.
Demo: No.
Blog: No.
Ebay: No.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jean-Patrice Dalem

Name: Jean-Patrice Dalem
Bio: Jean-Patrice Dalem was born in 1946. Since 1995, has spent his family holidays in the village of Droitfontaine, in the commune of Belleherbe in the Doubs, 700m above sea level where it dominates the valley Dessoubre, with a view towards Switzerland. This inspired him to take up pastels in 1997. Jean-Patrice writes “Pastel has become for me more than a hobby. Pastel is a powerful ally. It helps me to resist the effects of Parkinson's disease that has struck me since 1987.”
Media: Pastel.
Subjects: Landscape.
Style: Realistic.
Navigation: Website is in French. Main menu remains visible on left throughout, except on enlarged image.
Gallery: Droitfontaine, Belvoir, Paysages (Landscapes), Edifices (Buildings), Rivières (Rivers), Nouveautés (New items)
Image View: Each (large) thumbnail when clicked opens in a new page. These enlarged images may be saved. There is no information on dimensions of original painting. File size can be up to 1428x993, 78 KB.
Demo: No.
Blog: No.
Ebay: No.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jean-François Le Saint

Name: Jean-François Le Saint
Bio: No information available, other than he is 28 and lives in Morlaix; but he does chat about the paintings on Flickr, and on his blog.
Media: Pastel
Subjects: Portraits, figurative.
Style: Realistic.
Navigation: Website is in French and English, but there is no text to speak of. The main page has some thumbnails that when clicked open immediately in Flickr.
Gallery: Just two on the site: Portraits of boys; portraits of girls. These galleries contain about eight to ten hi-res images each. When clicked, they open in a Picasa gallery. This is an artist using the full resources of the web on his own site, Flickr, Picasa and eBay. Chapeau, M. Le Saint.
Image View: Each thumbnail when clicked opens on Once on Flickr you can navigate through his complete pastel set – and it is extensive. He also has a Disponibles (available) set. Being Flickr, you can download the pictures at a fine resolution. The original image size is posted on Flickr. The images on eBay also give size (and price).
Demo: No, but check out
Blog: Yes. The blog is in excellent English.
Facebook: Yes -

Monday, January 25, 2010

Jean Claude Baumier

Name: Jean Claude Baumier
Bio: Jean Claude Baumier was born in Orleans in 1944, and lives in Donnery, near the Sologne whose ponds and forests have inspired him as they had Alain Fournier in his singular novel Le Grand Meaulnes. It so happens that I collect illustrated editions of that book, and when I first saw Baumier’s work I immediately made the connection, without realising that he lived close to the Sologne.
Baumier’s training as an industrial graphic artist allowed him to make the switch to fine art through his respect for composition, values, perspectives, and sense of observation. After working with pen, cartoons, and advertising posters, he was attracted by "feel" of the pastel and it is through this medium that since 1984 he has translated his feelings for the world around him. He is a teacher and member of the French Society of Pastellists.
Media: Pastel
Subjects: Landscapes
Style: Between landscape and abstraction.
Navigation: Website is in French. Clicking on Entrer on introductory page. The main menu remains available on the left. The links, from top to bottom, are Accueil (welcome); L’artiste, which gives information on the artist’s biography; Oeuvres – a small gallery of recent work; Distinctions – prizes and accolades, but pictures too; Le Pastel; Enseignement – Baumier’s teaching work for the Société des Pastellistes de France; Stages- Divers - art courses; Galerie/Tableaux – his paintings; Galerie/Videos; DVD; Actualités– information on current events and exhibitions – the website is up to date; Presse; Liens – Links; Relationnel; and Contact.
Gallery: Galerie/Tableaux
Image View: The gallery consists of a series of pages of thumbnails, which enlarge when clicked on. Title and size are stated; you may proceed forwards, backwards, or return to the index of thumbnails from the display. The painting I have displayed is Matin calme, which I acquired from Jean-Claude in Feytiat in the magical summer of 2010.
Demo: Rêves (dreams), Neiges (snows), Ciels (skies) – video presentations on the Galerie/Videos.
There is a DailyMotion clip from his DVD at

Regardons un des pastels de Jean-Claude Baumier.
La peinture est formes et couleurs.
Formes : le paysage est profondeur, sur une page rectangulaire qui impose sa loi, le peintre creuse un autre espace où le regard s’oblige à plonger.
Couleurs : restitution du dialogue nourricier de l’homme et de la nature, la pose des couleurs traduit le scintillement de la lumière qui, par essence, ignore le nom et le contour des choses. La lumière naît des contrastes entre les tons, des rapports des teintes, du raffinement des passages.
Quoi qu’on en pense, le paysage en peinture n’a pas encore une longue histoire. Ses lettres de noblesse en Europe n’ont guère plus de trois siècles. Il a été arrière-plan de moments spirituels, support de scènes allégoriques, avant d’être le dépositaire d’un regard subjectif momentané. Qu’est-il aujourd’hui ?
Le paysage s’inscrit de plus en plus dans le temps. Il relate un instant dans une fixation, qui immobilise un moment fugace. Voilà ce qui captive vraiment Jean-Claude Baumier : entre réalité perçue et mémoire retrouvée, se jouent ses espaces en forme de paysage. Il n’oublie jamais qu’il s’agit de peinture, d’une histoire sans paroles de formes et de couleurs.

Le 5 mars 2010,
Emmanuelle Tenailleau
Expert en art moderne et contemporain.

Jacques Ousson

Name: Jacques Ousson
Bio: Jacques Ousson was born in 1937 at Douai (France).
In 1939, he went to live with his grandparents at Ousson sur Loire, a rural commune of Loiret, 160 km south of Paris, where he spent his childhood, and whence his pseudonym. After secondary school in Paris, he trained at the l'École des Métiers d'Arts. In 1969, he returned to Ousson, far from the madding Paris crowd. Ever since he has devoted himself to drawing, watercolour and pastel.
Media: Pastel, watercolour.
Subjects: Landscapes, nature.
Style: Classical.
Navigation: Website is in French. The link to the paintings is Iconographie.
Gallery: Twelve thumbnails: eleven paintings and one drawing. It is not easy to decide which images are pastels, as no information on medium is given.
Image View: Information on title, size and date is given as a tool tip if you rest the cursor on the thumbnail. Each thumbnail opens in a new window when clicked. The enlarged images may be downloaded. File size of Ancienne Presse is 1024x725, 265 KB.
Demo: No.
Blog: No.
Ebay: No.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jaye Schlesinger

Name: Jaye Schlesinger, PSA
Bio: Jaye Schlesinger received an M.F.A. in Painting from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 1976, as well as an M.F.A. in Medical illustration from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 1988. She has held the position of Roman J. Witt Visiting Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Michigan School of Art and Design from 2001-2003, and prior to that was an Adjunct Lecturer.
She has been artist-in-residence at The Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, Blue Mountain Center for the Arts, Ucross Foundation, Jentel, and Hall Farm Center for the Arts.
Media: Pastel, oil, gouache.
Subjects: Street scenes, Still life.
Style: Photo-realism. Although her subject matter is different, her meticulous attention to detail is remniscent of Jane Lund, especially in the white paintings.
Navigation: Main menu remains available on top of page.
Gallery: Street Scenes, Tools, Other Subjects.
Image View: Each gallery is shown as thumbnails on the left of page. The enlarged image has details of medium, and size, and opens on same page as the thumbnails, which remain visible and clickable. Enlarged images may be downloaded. File size of Fireproof is 400x400, 103 KB. The original is only 8 inches square.
Demo: No.
Blog: No.
Ebay: No.

Janet Cook

Name: Janet Cook, PSA
Bio: Janet A. Cook is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, the Connecticut Pastel Society, and an elected Resident Artist Member of the Salmagundi Club. Originally from Britain she now lives and works in America. She has studied at the National Academy School of Art and the Art Students League in New York. Apart from her formal art training, Janet Cook has studied independently with Bob Gerbracht, Frank Federico, Wolf Kahn, Peter Cox, Robert Cottingham and Richard Pionk
Media: Pastel, oil, acrylic
Subjects: Landscapes, Figuratives
Style: Representational.
Navigation: Main menu remains available on top of page, except in Pastel Portrait and Figure subgallery.
Gallery: Three main galleries: Figure and Portrait, with Pastel Portrait and Figure a subgallery; Landscapes, subgalleries Pastels and Oils; Contempory (mainly oils – no pastels).
Image View: Each gallery is shown as thumbnails on a page. Each thumbnail may be enlarged and downloaded. The enlarged image has details of medium, and size. You can scroll through enlarged images in Pastel Portrait and Figure subgallery; the other enlargements use a pop-up window. File size of Outside Paramount is 600x505, 431 KB
Demo: No.
Blog: No.
Ebay: No.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jack Pardue

Name: Jack Pardue PSA
Bio: Jack is a graduate of The Ringling School of Art and a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, as well as, past president of the Maryland Pastel Society. He is also a member of The Washington Society of Landscape Painters, the oldest active art organizations in the greater Washington metropolitan area. He has an extensive background in painting including plein air landscape, figurative, and portrait. Jack's studios are located in Alexandria, VA and the Outer Banks, NC.
Media: Pastel, oil.
Subjects: Landscapes, Portraits, Still Life, Figuratives
Style: Representational, impressionistic.
Navigation: Main menu remains available on top of page, except where image is enlarged. Site is up to date.
Gallery: Landscapes, Portraits, Still Life, Figuratives, Prints. ‘Landscapes’ is further subdivided into Pastels, Oil and Christmas.
Image View: Each gallery is shown as thumbnails on a page. Each thumbnail may be enlarged and downloaded. The enlarged image has details of medium, and size, with some exceptions. You can scroll through enlarged images, or use back button to return to gallery page. File size of Peaceful Morning is 600x424, 864 KB
Demo: No.
Blog: No.
Ebay: No.

Iva Morris

Name: Iva Morris PSA
Bio: New Mexico artist Iva Morris has been making art for over twenty years. After receiving her BA in Art Education at the University of New Mexico in 1981, Ms. Morris taught art and participated in the Artist in Residence program, painting murals with children around the state of New Mexico. She began working with pastels eleven years ago and has continued to show both locally and nationally, winning awards for both her prints and pastels. She is a member of the Pastel Society of America and the Pastel Society of New Mexico. She lives with her two children and husband, painter Brian O'Connor, in the small farming community of Las Nutrias, New Mexico.
Media: Pastel, oil, monotypes, folk art toys.
Subjects: Landscapes, Figurative, Fantasy.
Style: Representational.
Navigation: Main menu remains available on bottom of page. Iva Morris is almost unique in having a site map, and this includes an alphabetical list of all featured paintings in all media. The website does not appear to have been updated since late 2008.
Gallery: Pastels, Paintings, Prints, Monotypes, Folk art.
Image View: Each gallery is shown as thumbnails on a page. Each thumbnail may be enlarged and downloaded. The enlarged image has details of medium, size and price if unsold. You can scroll through enlarged images, or use back button to return to gallery page. File size of 'Wild Card' is 607x633, 86 KB
Demo: No.
Blog: No.
Ebay: No.