Monday, January 25, 2010

Jean Claude Baumier

Name: Jean Claude Baumier
Bio: Jean Claude Baumier was born in Orleans in 1944, and lives in Donnery, near the Sologne whose ponds and forests have inspired him as they had Alain Fournier in his singular novel Le Grand Meaulnes. It so happens that I collect illustrated editions of that book, and when I first saw Baumier’s work I immediately made the connection, without realising that he lived close to the Sologne.
Baumier’s training as an industrial graphic artist allowed him to make the switch to fine art through his respect for composition, values, perspectives, and sense of observation. After working with pen, cartoons, and advertising posters, he was attracted by "feel" of the pastel and it is through this medium that since 1984 he has translated his feelings for the world around him. He is a teacher and member of the French Society of Pastellists.
Media: Pastel
Subjects: Landscapes
Style: Between landscape and abstraction.
Navigation: Website is in French. Clicking on Entrer on introductory page. The main menu remains available on the left. The links, from top to bottom, are Accueil (welcome); L’artiste, which gives information on the artist’s biography; Oeuvres – a small gallery of recent work; Distinctions – prizes and accolades, but pictures too; Le Pastel; Enseignement – Baumier’s teaching work for the Société des Pastellistes de France; Stages- Divers - art courses; Galerie/Tableaux – his paintings; Galerie/Videos; DVD; Actualités– information on current events and exhibitions – the website is up to date; Presse; Liens – Links; Relationnel; and Contact.
Gallery: Galerie/Tableaux
Image View: The gallery consists of a series of pages of thumbnails, which enlarge when clicked on. Title and size are stated; you may proceed forwards, backwards, or return to the index of thumbnails from the display. The painting I have displayed is Matin calme, which I acquired from Jean-Claude in Feytiat in the magical summer of 2010.
Demo: Rêves (dreams), Neiges (snows), Ciels (skies) – video presentations on the Galerie/Videos.
There is a DailyMotion clip from his DVD at

Regardons un des pastels de Jean-Claude Baumier.
La peinture est formes et couleurs.
Formes : le paysage est profondeur, sur une page rectangulaire qui impose sa loi, le peintre creuse un autre espace où le regard s’oblige à plonger.
Couleurs : restitution du dialogue nourricier de l’homme et de la nature, la pose des couleurs traduit le scintillement de la lumière qui, par essence, ignore le nom et le contour des choses. La lumière naît des contrastes entre les tons, des rapports des teintes, du raffinement des passages.
Quoi qu’on en pense, le paysage en peinture n’a pas encore une longue histoire. Ses lettres de noblesse en Europe n’ont guère plus de trois siècles. Il a été arrière-plan de moments spirituels, support de scènes allégoriques, avant d’être le dépositaire d’un regard subjectif momentané. Qu’est-il aujourd’hui ?
Le paysage s’inscrit de plus en plus dans le temps. Il relate un instant dans une fixation, qui immobilise un moment fugace. Voilà ce qui captive vraiment Jean-Claude Baumier : entre réalité perçue et mémoire retrouvée, se jouent ses espaces en forme de paysage. Il n’oublie jamais qu’il s’agit de peinture, d’une histoire sans paroles de formes et de couleurs.

Le 5 mars 2010,
Emmanuelle Tenailleau
Expert en art moderne et contemporain.


  1. Love your site and was wondering if you'd like to add my site to your list. I am a pastel artist who specializes in maritime and seascape painting.

    Anthony Davis

  2. Anthony - I had a quick look at your site and I'm happy to add it to my list. The review might take a little longer...In the meantime, I think you would like the work of Astrid Volquardsen, at