Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bonnie Griffith

Name:Bonnie Griffith
Bio: Bonnie Zahn Griffith grew up in Central Montana, went to college in Chicago and then began migrating back west. She currently lives in Walla Walla, southeastern Washinton State, near the Oregon border. (Walla Walla is named after a native American tribe, although it has an Australian ring to it, don't you think?).
Media: Pastel, Acrylic
Subjects: Landscape
Style: Representational.
Navigation: Main menu remains accessible at side of page. Curiously, there is no link from the website to Bonnie’s blog (although there is a link from the blog to the website). When viewing the images it is very easy to return to where you were last, or to jump to another page of the portfolio.
Gallery: Portfolio consists of several pages of thumbnails and archived work.
Image View: Each thumbnail enlarges on a new page with title and dimension attached to enlarged image. Download is not blocked. The image displayed is 25 KB.
Demo: Not as such. But see blog.
Blog: The blog may have taken over from the website proper, whose most recent date is 2008.
Ebay/Flickr/: No.

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