Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Due to the expansion of this blog, it has become necessary to re-arrange the artists' websites. To have a list of posts and a list of websites is creating unwieldy duplication. So, as I review a website, the artist's name will be removed from the website list, and added to the labels list, which is arranged alphabetically. An artist will thereby appear on one list or the other, but not on both. Eventually the website list will be subsumed into the labels list and all websites will be accessible from there.


  1. My apologies...I cannot find out how to submit my website for review. Could someone help me out?

  2. Susan, if you choose to follow the blog, your profile will become available to me, including your website. Otherwise, just post the website address in the comment box, and have patience........

  3. One thing I look for is where the artist is now living. I like your change - it makes good sense.

  4. Casey - point taken re current location. I can't always depend on what the artist declares on their site - sometimes they're a bit shy! But if they have a regular gallery, or if they have been featured in a publication, one can dig a little deeper. For instance, Andrew Hemingway doesn't have a website, but his work is posted on http://messums.com/hemingway/

  5. I would like to submit my website for review.
    I was intrigued by the two Rae Smiths. I thought I was the only pastel artist with someone with the same name. I live on Long Island, NY and there is another Jane McGraw here on the Island, and we are both Signature members of the Pastel Society of America.
    Thank you for this blog!!
    Jane McGraw-Teubner

  6. Jane - thanks you so much for sending me your URL. I am very happy to have it. The 2 Rae Smiths threw me too, as I found Rae Smith PSA some years ago, and was familiar with her style; when I googled the name for the blog, I simply noted the first Rae Smith that had a website, saved the link, and not until I got around to blogging it did I realised that there was no possibility that Rae Smith PSC produced the work with which I had been familiar.
    By the way, I love your Grey Barn. The injection of red in the composition immediately brought to mind William Carlos William's 'Red Wheelbarrow'.