Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to batch download image files, using Internet Explorer.

Update - 28th March 2010:
Since I first wrote this, I installed Windows 7 (and Google Chrome) on my PC and this technique does not work under Windows 7. So it appears that if you use Windows XP (and possibly IE8) it should still function.)

Original Post
This is a useful technique for downloading images if you do not need to rename each file. (I nearly always add the dimension of the original to the file name.)

I am going to use Wende Pastorale’s website to demonstrate this, for two reasons. Firstly, Wende’s portraits are generally a uniform size (20x16 ins or 24x18) unless they are full size or group portraits. So I don’t need to note the size on each image.

Secondly, she has advocated studying the work of other artists and finding inspiration therein in her wonderful book on painting pastel portraits. Clearly she practises what she preaches, is very generous with her paintings and has freely enabled downloading of her images.

1. Empty the trash – the recycle bin, for reasons that will become apparent. If for some reason you do not perform this regular piece of PC housekeeping, do it anyway, even if you proceed no further!
2. Create a new folder in My Pictures called Wende Caporale. Open it.
3. Open the IE dialogue box by right clicking on Internet Explorer, and on Properties.
4. Click on Delete (you might want to ensure that “Delete browsing history on exit” is unchecked).
5. Check Temporary Internet Files.
6. Click on OK at the bottom of the dialogue box.
7. Open Wende’s website and choose a gallery to browse.
8. Click on a thumbnail and work your way through the series.
9. Close the website when you have finished. Do not open any others.
10. Repeat Step 3.
11. Click on the Settings tab - the one beside the Delete that you clicked previously.
12. Click on view files. The Temporary Internet Files folder will open.
13. Right click on a blank part of the page and choose Arrange Icons by Type.
14. Find the area on the page that has all the .jpg files lined up in a row. Highlight them all and copy them (Ctrl C).
15. Go to the Wende Caporale folder that you created earlier and paste (Ctrl V) the images that you copied from the Temporary Internet Files folder.
16. Right click on a blank part of the folder and choose Arrange Icons by Size. The reason for this is that there will almost certainly be two copies of every picture, as you will have copied over both the thumbnail and the full size image.
17. About half-way down the folder there will be a point where the images start to repeat. This represents the junction between the small images and the large ones. If you rest the cursor on the image the data on dimension and file size will be displayed. Highlight all the small duplicates (they will be on the top half of the page) and delete them.
18. IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE, go to the recycle bin, restore the images, and try again. Now you see why you emptied the bin in the first place. If you had a full bin and you had either to choose between selecting the recent deletions for restoration, restoring all files, or repeating steps three on, you would not be a happy bunny.
19. Close the Temporary Internet Files folder.

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