Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cindy Haase

Name: Cindy Haase
Bio: Cindy took her initial art training in university classes, in the 70's and has continued her artistic training ever since.
Media: Pastel, colored pencils, fiber.
Subjects: Cindy says that her subject matter tends to be intimate "landscapes" of organic shapes like rocks, seashells, fruits and vegetables.
Style: Realistic.
Navigation: Main menu remains available on website; however, you need to go to her blog or to her Etsy shop site to access her pastels, as her website features her coloured pencil and fiber work only.
Gallery: On main site, Colored Pencil; Fiber.
Image View: On the Etsy shop site thumbnails give details of image as a tooltip, and when enlarged. You need to use the PC’s back buttom to return to the list. The blog works as a standard blog – scroll, or use labels.
Demo: Yes. On the blog.
Blog: Yes: This is where you will find Cindy’s pastels. She currently has 75 followers, and uses Twitter (the first I’ve noted).
Ebay: No. But Cindy has another site, , where her pastels can be viewed and bought.

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