Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Paula Ann Ford

Name: Paula Ford
Bio: lives in the mountains west of Chatanooga, Tennessee. Which reminds me - has anyone ever found Wallace Stevens' Jar?
Media: Pastel.
Subjects: Landscapes.
Style: Representational.
Navigation: Site is actually a blog, although the web address makes it seems a standard-type website. So navigation is the usual “scroll the blog” or use the labels for the posts (just like this one). There is a lot of material here.
Gallery: Scroll the blog. Also, Paula has posted paintings on Flickr . These files are generally larger than those on the blog.
Image View: Images in the blog can be enlarged – I suggest a right click and “open link in new tab”. (If you navigate away from the main page you will lose the soundtrack. In some websites this is no loss, but Paula has linked to the YouTube post of Stanton Lanier playing his Awaken the Dawn from the Unveiled CD. I hadn’t heard this before – thanks you for the music, Paula. I’m trying to learn the thing now by ear – its in in A flat, or G sharp if you like!)
This picture, downloaded from Flickr, is 701x498, 100 KB. Its dimensions are 5x7 ins, so it's effectively real size.
Demo: The blog is a rolling demo, with notes on techniques, materials and supports on some of the paintings.
Blog: Dates from 2006, with 173 posts to date and 48 followers at this time.
Ebay: No.

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