Monday, February 15, 2010

Sandra Burshell

Name: Sandra Burshell, PSA
Bio: Based in New Orleans, and a renowned pastel painter for 25 years, Sandra Burshell received her artistic formation at the Art Institute of Chicago, the
New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, a BA Art fromTemple University, and a Masters from Tyler School of Art,
Media: Pastel, oil.
Subjects: Interiors, Figures.
Style: Burshell labels her figures “oil impressionist painterly master tradition”
Navigation: Main menu remains on screen throughout. However, there is a small link to the site map at the bottom right of the screen. This is very useful as it gives an instant overview of the site, but more importantly, of all thumbnails.
Gallery: Pastel Interiors; Photography; Pastel Figures; Oils; Archives; Commissions.
Image View: No data on medium or dimension. Clearly, the galleries labelled Pastel or Oil contain pastel and oil paintings respectively. In Archives, you’ll just have to guess. However, if you go to the Carol Robinson gallery website you will find some of Burshell’s paintings with the dimensions indicated. Soft Glow, Casmento's (featured here) is 21x24 ins. A few of the thumbnails in the site map will display a tooltip if you rest the cursor on the image; unfortunately, this is not consistent. What is also not consistent is download permission. Some images allow the right click download option. Others display “WARNING The content is copyrighted. You may not copy it.” The Carol Robinson gallery imposes no such restrictions.
Demo: No. But if you go to this link you can download a Pastel supplement from the June 2009 American Artist issue, with tips and techniques from 6 master pastel artists including Sandra Burshell.
Blog:/Ebay/Flickr/: No.

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