Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wende Caporale

Name: Wende Caporale, PSA
Bio: Wende Caporale is a leading American pastel and oil portrait artist, specializing in children. She holds a BFA from Paier College of Art, Hamden, and has continued her studies at the Art Student's League, the National Academy of Design and in private workshops with Daniel Greene, Nelson Shanks, Burton Silverman and Richard Whitney . She has been included in Who's Who in American Art. She is recognised as a Master Pastelist by the Pastel Society of America. Wende is married to Daniel E. Greene, and lives in North Salem, New York.
Media: Pastel, oil.
Subjects: Portraits.
Publications: Painting Children's Portraits in Pastel, International Artist Publishing, Inc. 2001. ISBN 1-929834-13-6
Style: Representational.
Navigation: Main menu remains available except within the slideshow. The web design by Karen Keeler Art & Design is clearly laid out and user-friendly. One wonders if it is the artist's or the web designer’s job to ensure that all links function within a website. The site is up to date.
Gallery: Portfolio: Adults; Children; Other Work.
Image View: Clicking on a thumbnail enlarges it within a slideshow. You can go to previous or next images using the arrows, or back to Portfolio. A few of the previous or forward arrows do not function, so you need to return to gallery (Portfolio) to choose the next image. Not all images are capable of being enlarged. A few thumbnails display tooltips of the image title when you rest the cursor on the image, but this is not consistent. Enlargements include data on medium and dimension of original. Downloads are possible. Files can reach 600x772, 479 KB in size. The painting featured is 25x30 inches, but Wende has painted group portraits in pastel up to 48x72 inches in size.
Demo: No.
Blog: No
Ebay/Flickr/: No.

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