Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Roby Baer

Name: Roby Baer, PSA.
URL: http://www.robys.com/home.html
Bio: Roberta (Roby) Baer is a home-grown, self-taught Shasta County artist who enjoys international acclaim for her photorealistic pastel paintings. Mrs. Baer’s early love of nature, fishing the Sacramento River and surrounding rivers and streams, combined with a natural talent for paintings filled with movement, grace and macro-photo realism has resulted in the formation of one of the few pastel artists – possibly the only one I have come across – that is comfortable depicting wildlife below the water surface, or in macro close-up. Roby says that her love of painting came early, from excursions with her older brother Garrett and identical twin Becky and her Grandma Martys to go paint old red barns. Grandma Marty didn’t want the kids to get into her oils so she gave them her pastels instead, thus inspiring in Roby an enduring love of the medium. Her grandmother, Marjorie Garrett (a well-known impressionist artist during the 1940s and 1950s), her mother (who was a recreational oil painter) and her paternal grandfather, Hilton Reynolds, gave her an early grounding in art appreciation. Roby inherited the family genes and began her career as a self-taught artist, selling her first painting in high school. Roby has been included in the Master Painter Showcase of International Artist Magazine; she was Artist of the Year for Quail Unlimited, The Dove Sportsmans Society and The Safari Club as well as winning a competition artistically to capture the Sundial Bridge in Redding, California, designed by architect Santiago Calatravas. More than 100 of her works have been donated to fundraising efforts including Upland Game, Shasta Land Trust, KIXE and The Wild Horse Sanctuary.
Media: Pastel.
Subjects: Wildlife.
Style: Realism.
Navigation: Main menu hyperlinks are “images” so that you cannot right-click on the link and open on a new tab/page while retaining the home page, because right-click is disabled for all images on the site. All that’s needed here is a piece of HTML within the brackets of the a=href tab that says target="_blank". What’s more, not all the links are consistently available on all pages. There’s a link that turns up called All Images that morphs into Multiples once you lay a mouse on it. Click on Originals and look along the links on the bottom of the page and you will see what I mean. The website needs a sharper style and a springclean.
Gallery: Originals (Six paintings); Prints (an opportunity to see a bigger selection of Roby’s work); Multiples; (images you will have already viewed, but framed as multiple images in a single frame – a unique approach among the websites so far reviewed); All Images on some pages morphs to Multiples.
Image View: Six thumbnails in the Originals page enlarge to give further information. Right click is disabled and the images are overprinted. Rainbow Trout is 11.5x18 ins.
Demo: Yes, 17 and counting on YouTube.
Blog: Yes.
EBay: Yes: Again, you cannot right click on this link so the eBay page takes you away from the website.
Flickr: No.


  1. I knew I'd find SOME place to get this link to you , LOL! I really love your work & seeing more & more of it + reading about you here has inspired me! I'm trying to figure out the business side of all this & very few artists talk about that, at least that I've found. So I hope you won't freak out if I follow you a bit & try to learn! Thanks!

  2. Hello Roby, I had you in my classes at Enterprise and just found your art....IT IS AMAZING you probably won't remember me my name was Brenda Lee. Now I'm Brenda Emmons
    My husband lived in Whitmore and you may have known his mom and dad, they had the "Whatever Restaurant" and gas station and garage on the corner of 299 & Dechutes RD in Bella Vista. my email is
    bjemmo@gmail.com would love to hear from you. I'm sending your info to my kids in Las Vegas they will love it! they love fishing and hunting and both have businesses there. you are so good I was just astonished! loved them all.