Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tim Gaydos

Name: Tim Gaydos, PSA
Bio: Tim Gaydos, of Paterson, New Jersey, has been a master pastelist of the Pastel Society of America since 1987. He discovered pastel when giving classes in portraiture at the Montclair Museum, where he started teaching in 1976. Gaydos’ father was a member of the Society of Illustrators, and a teacher at New York’s’ High School of Art and Design; his mother was a top artist for a greeting card publisher. Gaydos studied with Angelo Ippolito at Berkeley, California, and with sculptor Marino Marini in Italy, before returning to the U.S. to take up freelance book jacket design and illustration. About 15 years ago he took the plunge to devote himself fulltime to fine art.
He has had solo exhibitions at The Montclair Art Museum, the Bergen Museum and the University of Maine. He has received more than 100 awards, including the American Watercolor Society Gold Medal in 1995 and the American Watercolor Society Silver Medal of Honor in 2002. In 2006, he was awarded a Fellowship Grant for painting by the New Jersey State Council of the Arts. For more on Gaydos and his approach, see the Pastel Journal, 2007, issues 49 (April) and 52 (October).
Media: Pastel, Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, Bronze.
Subjects: Figurative. Cityscape. (Since William Carlos Williams immortalized the place and Allen Ginsberg was born there, Paterson's credentials as a major locus of 20th-century poetry are well established. Something of its aura may be rubbing off on the artists. Gaydos seems to be chronicling its diners. “I’ve been painting diner scenes since about 1982, and I don’t see them as evolving so much as I do, capturing an emotion and a sense of alienation in the modern world.” This is Edward Hopper territory, with a tighter focus on its inhabitants.
Style: Representational.
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Gallery: Landscape; Figures; Industrial Views; Sculptures.
Image View: Each gallery consists of thumbnails that may be enlarged on the same page. There is no information on medium or dimension of painting. While most of Gaydos' studio paintings are done in pastel, and most of his outdoor work in acrylic, there are of course exceptions to this generalisation. In order to obtain an idea of the dimensions of his originals, some of which are quite large, you may view Gaydos on the Gallery 51 website. Roseland Ballroom is 32x48 ins.
Demo: No.
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