Monday, April 19, 2010

Carole Katchen

Name: Carole Katchen, PSA
Bio: Carole Katchen was born in Denver, Colorado, in 1944. By the time she was 21, she was already an established freelance magazine writer. By 1969 she had decided that she wanted to become an artist. She studied art at West Valley College in Northern California and received their Outstanding Achievement in Art Award.
Many of her early works were graphics with a strong sense of design. From the beginning Katchen’s favorite painting subjects were people. She was included in Who’s Who in American Art in 1986. She was awarded Master Pastellist status with the American Pastel Society in 1996. Shortly after 2000 Katchen began to produce bronze sculptures of the chefs and society figure that people her paintings. Her whimsical drawings of women are seen in all of the art for the off Broadway play, Menopause the Musical, 2002. Carole combines humour with talent – she is an original in the sometimes precious world of art.
Carole Katchen loves to share her passion and knowledge of art with her fellow artists. She has authored 14 fine-art instruction books, and has been a contributing writer to The Artist’s Magazine, International Artist and The Pastel Journal. Her total book sales are over 1 million copies.
Medium: Pastel, Oil, Bronze.
Subjects: Characters.
Selected Publications: Express Yourself with Pastel. International Artist Books, Australia, 2001.
200 Great Painting Ideas for Artists. North Light Books, 1998.
How To Get Started Selling Your Art. North Light Books, 1996.
Make Your Watercolours Look Professional. North Light Books 1995.
Painting with Passion. North Light Books, 1994.
Dramatize your Paintings with Tonal Values. North Light Books, 1993.
Creative Painting with Pastel. North Light Books, 1991.
Style: Whimsical.
Navigation: Main menu remains available either at the side or on the top of the page. You cannot go directly from one gallery to another.
Gallery: Chefs; High Society; Florals; Landscapes; Entertainers; Asian Art; Commisssions; Sculptures.
Image View: All (sizeable) thumbnails enlarge on new page when clicked. There is no information on medium (clearly pastel in most cases) or on image size. However I noted a typical chef image in the Pastel Journal as 26x18 ins. Downloads are possible.
Demo: On the Links page there are links to two video demonstrations (effectively two halves of the same demo).
Blog/EBay/Flickr: No.

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