Friday, June 11, 2010

June 2010

You may have noticed a strong French bias in the last few posts. This is entirely intentional, and reflects my interest in French pastellists, the fact that France has provided me with the greatest number of visitors after the USA, and also because I hope to attend some of the numerous pastel conferences in France this summer.

The blog will therefore be taking a summer break. There is surely enough material to keep the keenest surfer occupied for some time.

Venez me dire bonjour, se serrer la main à Feytiat, à St. Gelais, même à Clussais la Pommeraie!

A bientôt!

Jean-Noël Loncle

Name: Jean-Noël Loncle
Bio: Jean-Noël Loncle was born 1966, and lives in Tréméloir, department Côtes-d'Armor, Britanny. Trained at the Atelier d’Arts Plastiques d’Hillion then in Pastels at Carré d’Art, Binic.
He has been associated variously with publicity for Vintage Cars, and rugby, and has been a prizewinner in numerous French pastel conferences.
Medium: Pastel.
Subjects: Still Life; Nature; Landscape.
Style: Representational.
Navigation: This website is a French blog. It is replete with irritating and intrusive advertisements. A knowledge of French is useful here as for reasons of practicality I cannot translate all the posts.
Gallery: None as such. The website is a blog. But there are posts grouped under Rubriques, such as Landscape, Still Life, Nature; Faces of Africa (in French, but you should know by now.)
Image View: The posted images will enlarge if clicked, but download seems to be disabled. Resort to Alt, Prt Sc in this instance, to get only the pop-up. You will still need to crop the result.
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Blog: The website is a blog.
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Françoise Réthoré

Name: Françoise Réthoré
Bio: Françoise Réthoré was born in 1948 in Le Mesnil-en-Vallée, Maine-et-Loire. After a career as a teacher, she discovered pastels. Like Lionel Asselineau, her encounter with the French Société des Pastellistes in 2001 was to be decisive in her artistic development. She has participated in the International Festival of Pastel of Feytiat since 2001 and other conferences organized by the Société des Pastellistes.
In 2009 Françoise Réthoré was appointed Vice-Deputy Chairman of the Société des Pastellistes de France for the region of Pays de Loire. She helped organize the first summer International du Pastel in Saint Florent-le-Vieil.
She is inspired by the river Loire, which has been an influence from childhood.
Medium: Pastel.
Subjects: Landscape.
Style: Representational.
Navigation: This website is in French.
Gallery: Bords de Loire (banks of the Loire); Paysage (landscape); Marines (seascape); Ballade poétique (Poetic excursions).
Image View: Each thumbnail may be enlarged in a Flash slideshow; download is not possible. Use Prt Sc. Françoise Réthoré likes to use an elongated landscape view for her pastels. I have posted her painting of St. Florent as it is the location of an annual pastel festival.
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Jacqueline Tollet Loëb

Name: Jacqueline Tollet Loëb
Bio: Born in Vincennes, December 20, 1931, to a family of musicians and destined, by tradition, to follow the same path. She initially studied piano, but abandoned it for drawing and painting.
From 16 years of age she attended various workshops in Paris: Rue de Seine, rue de la Grande Chaumiere, rue Lebouteux, taught by Maxence, and Bouchot to name but two. At 20, she began exhibiting as a member of l'Art Libre, at Artistes Français with a portrait of Me Théodore Valensi, then at the Salon Violet. She then tooks as a nom de guerre multiple surnames of her maternal and paternal grandparents Tollet Loeb.
At 21, she won the title of Officier d'Arts-Sciences et Lettres.
At 25, she married and devoted herself to her three children. In 1964, Jacqueline Tollet Loeb left Paris and moved to Normandy where she continued to paint without exhibiting, and then in 1974 she reconnected with the art world in Calvados, especially the Société des Artistes Bas-Normands. She exhibited in many shows: Salon d'Automne in Paris, engravers of Bayeux, of Bas-Normands in Caen, Le Grenier à Sel at Honfleur and on permanent show in several galleries.
In 2005 Tollet Loëb settled near her children in Bordeaux but without really abandoning her friends: she regularly returns to Normandy.
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: Landscape; Still Life; Figures.
Style: Representational.
Navigation: This website is in French. Main menu remains available at side.
Gallery: Nu (nudes); Personnage (figurative); Portrait; Nature Mort (still life); Paysage (landscape); Venise (Venice).
Image View: Each gallery is a Flash slideshow. There is an icon on the bottom left of the viewer that allows you to view the paintings in fullscreen mode. Download is not possible because slideshow is a Flash-style presentation. Unless of course you make use of the Prt Sc button.
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Friday, June 4, 2010

Sophie Amauger

Name: Sophie Amauger
Bio: From 1980-1985 Sophie Amauger learned her craft in the Rennes school of Fine Arts, complemented by a course at the the School of Graphic Arts, Brassart, Tours. In 2003 Sophie did a course on Art and the Environment in Aubeterre, followed in 2004 by a period at the Musée du Trompe l’œil at Périgueux.
Sophie worked initially as a freelance graphic designer and in advertising.
Then she started workshops and designed activities for schools based on the close observation of nature. These initiatives led to painting murals on school walls, and developing projects in areas of tourism and culture. Now based in Toulouse, Sophie Amauger has been teaching creative arts for children and adults since 2003. Inspired by nature, she paints pastels that she has exhibited both at home and abroad. Another aspect of her work, large format canvases, allows her to explore very different decorative themes: Furniture, Fashion and Music.
Update: Sophie was featured in a full-length piece in Pratique des Arts, Hors-Série pastel 2012. Well worth seeking out, available online at
Medium: Pastel, oil.
Subjects: Landscape (pastels).
Style: Representational.
Navigation: This website is in French. Main menu remains available at top.
Gallery: Pastels; Toiles de lin (Oil on Linen) ; Stucs sur bois (stucco on wood); Décors peints (Painted surfaces).
Image View: Thumbnails enlarge in slideshow. Details are given of dimension of original. Download is not possible because slideshow is a Flash-style presentation. Unless of course you make use of the Prt Sc button. Chemin aux Essards is 24x25 cm, 425x424, 41.6 KB.
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

François Lapierre

Name: François Lapierre
Bio:François Lapierre was born on May 18, 1961 at Chateauroux. He began his career in 1985. He trained for three years in Chateauroux with Rene Pecherat. He was converted to pastels by Alain Bellanger. He received the first prize in pastels at Gargilesse in 1990, the gold medal at the 26th international Salon des Amis de Montmartre in 1991 and again the 1st prize at Gargilesse in 1992.
François Lapierre is an instinctive painter. Every stroke of pastel has its raison d'etre. A tireless hiker and "rummager", the Berry countryside is a primary source of inspiration for him. A lover of times past, he paints images that will may soon disappear: garden huts, old mills, ruins, the pleasures of fishing. Something of a perfectionist, François Lapierre is always looking for a steady improvement in his attention to detail. His painting balance color contrast with a high degree of realism. They remind us of the rustic pleasures and excitement of a Sunday outing in the country. Nostalgia, of course, but tinged with the serenity and harmony of a secret Indre.
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: Landscape
Style: Representational.
Navigation: Website is in French. Main menu remains available at side.
Gallery: Galerie: Nature Morte (Still Life); Les poissons et la pêche (Fish and fishing); Cabanes (sheds); Sous bois (Undergrowth); Moulins (Mills); Paysages (Landscape); La pêche à la mouche (Fly fishing).
Image View: Thumbnails enlarge in slideshow. Each image will enlarge again on a new page when clicked. Some , but not all, have an indication of the original image size. Downloads are permitted, and are among the largest images I have ever encountered. Apples is 63x58 cm, 422 KB.
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