Friday, June 4, 2010

Sophie Amauger

Name: Sophie Amauger
Bio: From 1980-1985 Sophie Amauger learned her craft in the Rennes school of Fine Arts, complemented by a course at the the School of Graphic Arts, Brassart, Tours. In 2003 Sophie did a course on Art and the Environment in Aubeterre, followed in 2004 by a period at the Musée du Trompe l’œil at Périgueux.
Sophie worked initially as a freelance graphic designer and in advertising.
Then she started workshops and designed activities for schools based on the close observation of nature. These initiatives led to painting murals on school walls, and developing projects in areas of tourism and culture. Now based in Toulouse, Sophie Amauger has been teaching creative arts for children and adults since 2003. Inspired by nature, she paints pastels that she has exhibited both at home and abroad. Another aspect of her work, large format canvases, allows her to explore very different decorative themes: Furniture, Fashion and Music.
Update: Sophie was featured in a full-length piece in Pratique des Arts, Hors-Série pastel 2012. Well worth seeking out, available online at
Medium: Pastel, oil.
Subjects: Landscape (pastels).
Style: Representational.
Navigation: This website is in French. Main menu remains available at top.
Gallery: Pastels; Toiles de lin (Oil on Linen) ; Stucs sur bois (stucco on wood); Décors peints (Painted surfaces).
Image View: Thumbnails enlarge in slideshow. Details are given of dimension of original. Download is not possible because slideshow is a Flash-style presentation. Unless of course you make use of the Prt Sc button. Chemin aux Essards is 24x25 cm, 425x424, 41.6 KB.
Demo/Blog/EBay/Flickr: No.

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