Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Alain Bellanger

Name: Alain Bellanger
Bio: Alain Bellanger was born in 1953, in Châteauroux, Indre, the son of a house painter. Always good at drawing at school, he went on to study architecture and building, which he didn’t enjoy, and then, persuaded against the risks of life as an artist, he joined the Seita company (Societe Nationale d'Exploitation Industrielle des Tabacs et Allumettes was the former French state-owned tobacco monopoly), painting at home at night. He remained there for 13 years, during which he started start to think about the direction of his life, and to paint. His meeting with Gerard Laplace, a local artist, was the stimulus to devote himself full time to art.
Visiting one exhibition after another, painting a variety of subjects - rusty trucks, landscape, academic works - but one auspicious day a pile of crimson beetroot in a field arrested his attention, and led to other paintings of massed vegetables and fruits – ripe pumpkins became a speciality. There were difficult times - at one low point he took up cooking as a potential alternative career. But he settled on the common theme, for which he is now recognized - the vegetable world in general, and Cucurbitaceae in particular.
He creates his own method and style, tramping the fields and orchards with his camera, seeking the best colours and exposures. His hundreds of photographs serve as a basis for his studio work. The originality of his style lies partly in his choice of subject – he does not illustrate individual botanical specimens, nor fruits artificially assembled in a formal “still life”, but huge congregations of one kind of plant in its natural state – sunflower crops standing in a field, apples and cherries piled together after picking, windfallen apples lying together in clumps on the grass.
Dans une autre vie, Alain Bellanger a peut-être été puceron, doryphore ou limace, une de ces bestioles qui peuplent nos potagers ! Il en aurait gardé l'habitude de regarder les végétaux de très très près, d'avoir pour horizon une forêt de tiges, de feuilles, de légumes ou de fruits. Ce virtuose du pastel est en effet non seulement un amoureux du monde végétal mais aussi un adepte du plan rapproché. Il nous donne à voir la nature à travers des yeux d'insecte. Notre regard explore des enchevêtrements d'épis de maïs, de feuillages tropicaux, de grappes de raisins, de courges, quand ce ne sont pas des amoncellements de bouteilles, de tubes de couleur ou de boîtes de pastel.
Medium: Pastel.
Subjects: Vegetables, still life.
Style: Hyperrealism.
Navigation: This site is in French but has an English version accessible on the top right of the Welcome page. This gives a selecton of links in English on the left of the page. The link you are most likely to use is the My Artwork link; note that My life in English seems to be an automatic, web-based translation of the original Ma vie and therefore reads a little oddly. I have offered an alternative to M. Bellanger.
Gallery: My Artwork (Mon oeuvre).
Image View: The gallery page lists a number of sub-gallery options in a set of horizontal thumbnail slideshows, with the number of images in each displayed. Click to select subgallery. Images are displayed with an overlay of information at the bottom, but may not be downloaded. Pastels is 45x74 cm.
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