Friday, November 5, 2010

Isabelle V. Lim

Name: Isabelle V. Lim
Bio: Isabelle is a Singapore artist currently living in Hong Kong. Primarily self-taught in drawing and painting, Isabelle formalised her art education through the Open College of the Arts, a fine art correspondence institution based in United Kingdom under the tutelage of Edward Phelps. She received the residency fellowship at Vermont Studio Center, U.S.A. in 2001 and 2008 and attended other intensive courses and workshop in U.K., France, Australia and Indonesia. Nu Nanthapa Cooper, an artist and author has influenced her watercolor technique and Teguh Ostenrik, an Indonesian artist, taught her the fundamentals of figure drawing.
The diverse subjects she chooses to paint are based largely Asian art and culture. She is particularly intrigued by the costumes, head-dress and especially hand-embroidered shoes worn by Chinese women and children. She sees these costumes are artworks in themselves. These folk subjects have led her to develop paintings in series. In the series Journey the tiny shoes are delicately rendered in both soft pastel and watercolor.
The portraits of Chinese and Asian ladies are painted from her numerous trips made around China and Asia. She has a special interest in their specific tribal identities such as the ethnic textiles, costumes, head-dress and the jewellery.Recent series depict gold fish in plastic bags, and ceramic wares. She drew inspiration from the busy environment in Hong Kong and the frequent visits to the aquarium and antique markets.
Isabelle has done many exhibitions in Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong as well as juried shows in the U.S.A. She is a Signature Member of Pastel Society of America.
In 2008, the featured pastel A Journey West (II) was awarded the Joyce Kelly Memorial Purchase Award at the 12th Biennial National Exhibition ( 2008 ) hosted by the Degas Pastel Society, Lauren Rogers Museum of Arts in Mississippi.
Medium: Pastel, watercolour
Subjects: Still Life; Portraits
Style: Representational.
Navigation: Main menu remains at left of screen. This is a FineArtStudioOnline website.
Gallery: Click on Paintings to view the galleries: New Work ( four each watercolor and pastel at time of writing. Presumably this updates regularly); Pastels (33 images over 2 pages); Watercolor (20 images over 2 pages); Hong Kong Residents (10 pastels and one watercolour).
Image View: The thumbnails give information on medium and size as a tooltip when you rest the cursor on them. Each enlarges in a new window, with further information on the work under the image. They will enlarge again if clicked, and download is permitted (but of course there is a copyright statement). You can scroll through the enlargements at any point. A Journey West (II) is 14.5 x 20 ins, 97.6 KB.
Demo: No
Blog/EBay/Flickr: No.

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