Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Resumption of service

I thought that might catch your attention.
While I been taking a long break from this blog (but gathering material all the while) the number of visitors has been steadily increasing. It is time to resume normal service! I have had an enriching experience in France during the summer. I have visited a number of astonishing pastel exhibitions, met some very fine artists, and even painted a little myself. I have not had easy access to the Internet, hence the hiatus; I am even now waiting on a new broadband connection, so I'll keep this brief. But may I say thank you, merci beaucoup, to all who have been in touch with me and have drawn my attention to artists and websites that I missed to date.

The following artists have been added to the list of websites awaiting review, and will be found there until featured: Claude Bauret-Allard, Cynthia Blair, Eric Wilson, François Barbâtre, Jean-Charles Peyrouny, Karen Watson, Kathleen Galligan, Marie-Elise Larène, Michael Norman, Michel Jaillet, Montse Valdes, Nicole Clément, Nicole Vasseur, Patrice Bourdin, Paul Billard, Paul Dumestre, Philippe Janin, Siddick Nuckcheddy, Valerie Dinelli, Lorenzo Rappelli, Lynn Morgan, Kurt Weiser, Isabelle V Lim.

And finally, a bouquet of hydrangea blossoms for my followers.