Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ann Wilkinson

Name: Ann Wilkinson PS RBSA
Bio: Raised in Lancashire, British artist Ann Wilkinson studied painting at Oldham School of Art and the Manchester College of Art. She moved to the Midlands where she taught both art and dressmaking, married and had her family. Gradually she eased out of full-time teaching, into adult education and eventually was able to concentrate on her own art. She was elected as a member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists in 1998. In 1996, 1997 and 1998 she spent periods of time in Oman teaching, painting and exhibiting her work.
Originally Ann worked exclusively in oils but about 20 years ago she inherited a set of pastels and fell in love with the medium. In 2002 she moved to Surrey and she became a member of the UK Pastel Society in 2005. She is now a committee member.
Ann exhibits regularly with the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, the Birmingham Pastel Society, the Pastel Society and the Reigate Society of Artists. In 2006 she exhibited with the Society of Marine Artists.
Ann was featured in the August 2008 issue of the Pastel Journal, and in special hors-série issue of the French Pratique des Arts, October 2010, which dealt in depth with her technique.
Medium: Pastel, oil. Ann works mainly in pastel on an acrylic base. She works on dark green mountboard to which she applies thin washes of acrylic mixed with texturizing paste over her detailed charcoal drawing. The outlines around the objects in her paintings – remniscent of Alan Flattmann and Patrick Martin – are usually the dark underpainting showing through. She loves to have a “soft” effect in her work and to this end has an extrensive collection of “white” pastels in many tints of pink, blue, green and grey.
Subjects: Still life; figurative.
Style: Stylised representational. Ann is fascinated by pattern, and flattens the picture plane and plays with perspective to achieve her vision. A distinctive feature of her still lifes is the high viewpoint, foreshortening the objects and greatly reducing or eliminating the background.
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Image View: Twenty three thumbnails are featured on Ann’s website. You can click on each one to enlarge it and then progress through the enlargements; or choose Slideshow to open the images in a pop-up window, Curiously, the images give details of their resolution and file size, but not that of the original painting. The paintings are in fact usually 22.5 inches square. They may be downloaded. Still Life With Poppy Heads won the RBSA award 2009 and is 484x480, 55 KB.
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