Saturday, December 4, 2010

Annie Gross

Name: Annie Gross
Bio: Annie Gross trained as a musician and taught piano for nearly 40 years. (An uncle took up painting on retirement, although colorblind.) From these auspicious beginnigs, Annie stared to paint in 2000. A native of Pas de Calais, Annie retired from 25 years in Lorraine to Perigord in 1999, where the landscapes inspired her to swap music for painting. Taught by Mary Robiche, Annie made rapid progress. What began as a whim turned into a passion.
A series of classes with Peter Thomas and Chris Serrurier in 2005 confirmed her preference for pastel. In 2008 her persistence was rewarded with a prize from the municipality of Sourzac. Annie now lives and paints in Saint-Medard-de-Mussidan, Dordogne.
Medium: Pastel, oil, watercolour.
Subjects: Floral,gardens and landscapes, old stones ....
Style: Representational.
Navigation: This website is in French, (except for some translation of painting titles.) There is a somewhat fractured English option, in the style of Welkom in my website. Main menu is at the left side.
Gallery: In the French version, with the exception of Aquarelles and Huiles (watercolour and oils, respectively) all the other galleries contain pastels. There may be several pages of these, although confusingly the rubric asks you to click on the image suivante – the next image rather than on the next page. When you do this, do not be confused either by the fact that the lead image on each page is always the same one.
In the English version, the layout is different. Just click on Gallery. This opens what is effectively a site map for each gallery page. Navigation from then on takes you back to the French gallery pages.....
Image View: Clicking on the thumbnails enlarges them in a separate window, but does not allow download. Don’t omit to check out Grands Formats, which is a page of enlargements that again disallows the right click/save as option. Here we go again. Surely everyone knows how to use Prt Sc by now! There is no indication of the size of the originals, although at St. Aulaye this year Annie's three offerings were each 40 x 50 cm.
Demo: No
Blog/EBay/Flickr: No.

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