Friday, January 28, 2011

Siddick Nuckcheddy

Mirage Alma 2

Name: Siddick Nuckcheddy
Bio: From childhood, Mauritian artist Siddick Nuckcheddy was passionate about drawing and painting and now he has both solo and group international exhibitions under his belt. He has studied at the Limkokwing Institute of Creative Technology in Malaysia and is artistic director of Mauritian marketing company CREAD. Most of his works is tinged with nostalgia: a collection about the Mauritian sugar industry; an exhibition depicting the neighbouring island of Rodriguez; the bridges and aqueducts of Port Louis - all are grist to his artistic mill. He has chronicled Mauritius as lovingly as Alan Flattmann has done for New Orleans.
An avowed admirer of Georges Seurat, Siddick Nuckcheddy is also a member of L’Art du Pastel de France – he has exhibited at Giverny since 2007, and his paintings have already reached the USA, France, England, Singapore, Dubai.
Depuis son enfance, Siddick Nuckcheddy artiste peintre de l’île Maurice, était déjà conquis par la passion de la peinture et du dessin. Aujourd’hui, il a déjà une palette d’expositions en solo sur la scène mauricienne et en groupe au niveau international. La plupart de ses oeuvres sont des balades à travers la mémoire avec une touche de nostalgie: une collection sur l'industrie sucrière mauricienne, une exposition sur l'île voisine de Rodriguez; les ponts et aqueducs de Port-Louis - tous apportent de l'eau à son moulin artistique.
Siddick Nuckcheddy est aussi membre de L’Art du Pastel de France - il a exposé à Giverny depuis 2007. Ses tableaux ont déjà attérri sur d’autres rives tels que les Etats Unis, la France, l’Angleterre, le Singapour, le Dubai.
Pastelliste de prédilection, admirateur de Georges Seurat, bien qu'il ait à un certain moment également utilisé l'aquarelle comme médium, Siddick Nuckcheddy a laissé ses crayons tracer les lignes où viennent contraster les foisonnements de couleurs.
Tableaux dépeignant des activités humaines et industrielles, telles ces cheminées qui fument ; camions chargés de cannes… Les nuances claires prédominent dans certains tableaux de la collection, comme l'envie de dire, une fois de plus, sa nostalgie de belles années.

Medium: Pastel, Watercolour.
Subjects: Landscape.
Style: Representational.
Navigation: Website is bilingual, as is appropriate for an artist who hails from an island with both France and Britain history in its cultural history.
Gallery: Works (Oeuvres): Hors theme (Various); Port Louis – Tolles (sic - should be tôles) Pierres et Bois (Tin, Stone and Wood); Rodriguez – Moments Forts (Striking impressions of Rodriguez; Mahebourg – 200 Ans Après (200 years after); Port-Louis - Les Ponts Et Les Ruisseaux (Bridges and Watercourses) ; Le Sucre - Memoire d'Une Civilisation (Sugar – Memory of a Civilisation).
Image View: Each gallery consists of a pages of thumbnails; Click to enlarge in a new page. The enlarged image may have details of medium, size and availability, and may be saved. Mirage d'Alma 2 is 629 x 373, 269 KB.
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Dan Michael


Name: Dan Michael
Bio: After 25 years as a graphic designer Michael started painting full-time in 2008. Dan works en plein air at locations near his home in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Two-three hours on location, is followed by a finish in studio. Since most of his paintings are done on location, they tend to be of smaller dimension for ease of transport – but they are finished paintings, not studies for larger works.
Dan is a juried member of the Degas Pastel Society, and a member of the Pastel Society of New Mexico. Since he has begun to exhibit he has been an award winner in Creative Spark, Grappling with Gray On-line Competition; the Richeson 75 Small Works, and in the Fifth Annual Northeast National Pastel Exhibition.
Medium: Pastel.
Subjects: Landscape; Portraits.
Style: Representational. Dan states that the years of working on a computer seem to have influenced the way he now applies pastel to paper. Beginning a painting with broad strokes of local color, he then covers this layer with numerous scumbled small marks which refine both the color and shapes. At a distance the paintings are representational, but upon closer inspection, objects disappear into overlapping specks of pigment, much the same way pixels form a digital image.
Navigation: This is a typical example of the FineArtOnline website layout.
Gallery: (Collections) Recent Work; Landscape; Figure/Portrait; Archive.
Image View: Each gallery consists of a pages of thumbnails with relevant information attached. Click to enlarge – and continue to view enlargements in a slideshow if you wish. These bigger thumbnails may be further zoomed, and viewed singly or in a slideshow. Wildflowers is 7.5 x 9.5 ins, 55 x 433, 236 KB
Blog: An excellent blog, intelligent, informative, analytical. Bookmark it.
Demo: See blog.
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sigmund Abeles

Name: Sigmund Abeles
Bio: Born in 1934 in Brooklyn, New York, Sigmund Abeles grew up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. As a young man, he spent countless days sketching and drawing the sculpture in nearby Brookgreen Gardens before leaving to attend the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Following graduation in 1955 from USC with a B.A. in Fine Arts, Abeles studied at the Art Students League of New York in NYC, the Skowhegan School in Maine and received a Masters in Fine Arts from Columbia University in 1957. Coastal Carolina University presented Abeles with an honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts. He was Resident Artist, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA, 1964 - 1969; Associate Professor, Boston University, School of Fine Arts, 1969 - 1970; and Full Professor with tenure, University of New Hampshire, Durham, 1970 - 1987. Elected Professor Emeritus at the University of New Hampshire, in 1987, after 27 years of teaching, he works full-time in his NYC and upstate New York studio. Recipient of numerous grants and awards, and a National Academician since 1990, Abeles work is in the collections of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Chicago Art Institute, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, NYC, the Philadelphia Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Art, among many others. The Pastel Society of America made him their Hall of Fame Honoree for 2004 and he was awarded their Degas Pastel Society Award in 2006. He is represented by The Old Print Shop, NYC, Hampton III Gallery, Greenville, SC and Cherly Newby Fine Arts, Pawley's Island, S.C.
Elizabeth Exler conducted an informative interview with the artist in the Pastel Journal, Issue No. 48, February 2007, in which Abeles stated that pastel was his favourite medium.
Medium: He works in pastels, oils, the graphic media, and sculpture.
Subjects: Abeles is an artist whose work deals with the expressive and psychological aspects of the human figure (and animals); an art focused on the entire life cycle. Drawing informs all his work.
Style: Representational.
Navigation: There will be much use of the back button on this website as the pages are not interlinked. However, the art is worth the effort. And there is a Return to Home Page link on most pages.
Gallery: There is a list on the home page that embraces Horse Imagery (subgalleries: Pastels; Oils; Lithographs; Drawings; Sculpture; [Vitae is biographical in content]); Pastels (3 pages, 2 images each; more promised; Paintings (3 pages); Drawings (7 pages); Sculpture (24 images that may be clicked on to enlarge); Prints (7 pages of lithographs).
Image View: Each gallery is presented variously. The horse pastels are in a viewer with a mouse-over facility along the bottom that presents a small thumbnail of the related image – click to view in the viewer. The Pastels gallery consists of relatively large images that seem to be “clickable” but lead to a “page not found” result. Actor with her make-up mirror is 22 x 28 ins, 437 x 360, 17.8 KB.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rita Kirkman


Name: Rita Kirkman PSA
Bio: Rita Kirkman was drawing portraits of friends and family members by the age of 11, and had her first paid portrait commission at 17. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Dayton, Ohio in 1988. From 2001-2003 she studied at the Coppini Academy of Fine Art, San Antonio, Texas, and has also taken workshops with Steven Napper, Kathleen Cook, Jerry Hunsinger, Doug Dawson, Bob Rohm, Susan Ogilvie, Richard McKinley, Judith Carducci, Maggie Price, and Desmond O'Hagan.
Since 2003 Rita’s finely detailed pastel paintings have been winning recognition and top awards at national and international competitions and shows. Her work has been published in The Artist Magazine and she has been recognised in the Pastel 100 awards in 2005 and again in 2010. She is a Signature member of the Pastel Society of America and a recipient of the Master Circle Award from the International Association of Pastel Societies.
Bride's MaidMedium: Pastel, pencil. Rita often does an underpainting in pastel primer on Gatorboard, using Art Spectrum Pastel Primer; she says that terra cotta, with a bit of burnt umber mixed in, is her 'default' base color.
Subjects: Figurative; Animals; Landscape.

Style: Realistic. Rita is a fine colorist, and achieves much in a very small scale with her smaller formats.
Navigation: A FineArtStudioOnline site. Main menu remains on top.
Gallery: Artwork: Pastel Paintings; Little Gems; Limited Editions Prints; Pencil Portraits.
Image View: Each gallery consists of one or more pages of thumbnails with relevant information attached. Click to enlarge – and continue to view enlargements in a slideshow if you wish. These may be saved.
Reassurance is 24 x 30 ins, 550 x 430, 312 KB.
Bridesmaid, only 8 x 6 ins, took First Place in Show, Austin Pastel Society's 10th Annual Juried Exhibition 2010.
Demo: Check out the blog.
Facebook/Twitter: Yes
EBay/Flickr: No.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Akiko Hoshino - In Memoriam

Normally when the Pastel Journal drops through the letterbox it is a highlight of the month. Just today I received the February issue, and was deeply saddened by the news of the death of talented pastel artist Akiko Hoshino. Akiko died on October 28, 2010 in New York from injuries received when struck by a car driving backwards as she crossed the street. Akiko fought for her life in the hospital for a few days after the accident, but eventually succumbed to her critical injuries.
Her dramatic and accomplished figurative pastels received awards in the PSA Annual the first time that she entered the exhibition in 2007, again in 2008 and she was awarded Master Pastelist status in 2009. The world of pastel has lost a great talent. I express my condolences to her mother and family.

Akiko was featured in the April 2010 issue of the Pastel Journal; the article is available as a complimentary download on
This blog had already done a post on her work, in March 2010.

This is the piece for which Akiko was posthumously awarded the Silver Medal of Honor at the Allied Artists ceremony. In a final, cruel irony, this beautiful, sensitive pastel is called Be Alive.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

GuoYue Dou

Name: GuoYue Dou
Bio: GuoYue Dou was born in 1960, Tianjin, China. He graduated from Tianjin Academy of Arts and Design, and worked as a graphic designer and interior designer before moving to Toronto, Canada where he now specializes in fine arts and portraiture. GuoYue Dou was a finalist in the International Portrait Competition 2008 hosted by the Portrait Society of Canada. He has also won a Merit Award at the Richeson 75 Pastel Competition 2010.
En observant et en peignant la vie urbaine, GuoYue Dou s'est intéressé à l'impact qu'ont nos vies quotidiennes sur le monde qui nous entoure, comme les émissions de gaz à effet de serre et la crise économique. Il exprime ses préoccupations à travers l'art en espérant conscientiser les autres. GuoYue Dou apprécie les mystères de la création artistique.
Medium: Pastel, oil, acrylic.
Subjects: Figurative; Cityscapes; Wildlife; Animals.
Style: Representational.
Navigation: Main menu remains on top.
Gallery: City Life; Portrait; Flower; Cityscape; Still Life; Figure; Window Scenes; Animal.
Image View: Rather than click on the images for the galleries that are presented to the side of the home page, click on Gallery in the main menu. This opens a page in which thumbnails of all Dou’s work is visible. One may of course click on a thumbnail to view, but if you click on Details (rather than on Album) you will get information on medium and size. Thus City Life and Cityscape is solely oil and acrylic; Flower is pastel, oil and acrylic; Still Life, Figure and Window Scenes is pastel only; Portrait is solely pastel and charcoal. Don't omit to scroll down the home page for new work.
Click on thumbnils to enlarge – they may be saved. The butterfly is 16 x 20 ins, 753 x 555, 55 KB.
Blog/Demo/Facebook/Twitter/EBay/Flickr: No.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wolf Kahn

Name: Wolf Kahn
Bio: Born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1927, Wolf Kahn immigrated to the United States via England in 1940. In 1945 he graduated from the High School of Music and Art in New York after which he spent time in the Navy. Under the GI Bill he studied with the well-known teacher and abstract expressionist Hans Hoffman, becoming Hofmann's studio assistant. In 1950 he enrolled in the University of Chicago from which he graduated in 1951 with a BA. Wolf Kahn has received a Fulbright Scholarship, a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, and an Award in Art from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He is a member of the Nation Academy of Design, as well as the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He travels extensively and has painted landscapes in Maine, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Kenya, New Mexico, Hawaii and Egypt. He spends his summers and autumns in Vermont, on a farm which he and his wife, the painter Emily Mason, have owned since 1968. They have two daughters, Cecily and Melany. Cecily Kahn is a painter, married to the painter David Kapp.
The Pastel Journal had an in-depth interview with Wolf Kahn in the December 2006 issue, in which he discussed his process.
Medium: Pastel, Monotypes, Etchings, Silkscreens, Oil. In his book Wolf Kahn Pastels, Kahn describes how Degas used pastels over monotype and that he (Kahn) first did so to avoid having to destroy an otherwise good print by adding a few strokes of pastel to complete the work. He’s been doing this for 25 years now, producing up to 100 works of this type.
Publications: Wolf Kahn's America: An Artist's Travels. Harry N. Abrams, 2003. ISBN-10: 0810967960; ISBN-13: 978-0810967960
Wolf Kahn Pastels. Harry N Abrams 2000.
ISBN-10: 0810967073; ISBN-13: 978-0810967076
Subjects: Landscape.
Style: A unique blend of Realism and Color Field painting sets the work of Wolf Kahn apart. Color is his signature, and he has this to say of his work:
“This is my primary interest. I am always trying to get to the danger point, where color either becomes too sweet or too harsh; too noisy or too quiet.”
Navigation: Main Menu remains on top.
Gallery: Pastels; Paintings.
Image View: Each gallery opens in a page of thumbnails, with a viewer to the side. Each thumbnail contains the relevant information. Each image is presented in Adobe Flash 10 - right click to zoom in – two such zooms and you start to lose definition. Download is not possible. You might find higher definition images of Kahn's work by doing a Google image search.
Red Barns in Rain is 13 x 18 ins.
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Patricia Savage

Name: Patricia Savage, PSA
Bio: To the small, but illustrious group of pastel artists whose main subject is wildlife – artists like Dino Parovano, Patrick Germond, Elizabeth Ganji, Dustin Van Wechel, Lionel Asselineau - must be added Patricia Savage.
Born in 1957, Patricia Savage grew up in North Carolina and currently resides in Raleigh. She has been a professional artist since 1987. She is a Signature member of the Society of Animal Artists, who have awarded her an Award of Excellence and shown her work in many juried annual shows and national tours. Patricia is also a Signature member of the Pastel Society of America. A self-described perfectionist, Patricia worked for years in watercolour before moving on to pastels. Her work in watercolour was highly detailed, but she finds pastel allows her a looser approach.
Several of Patricia's botanical paintings are featured in Today's Botanical Artists, featuring top American artists. The Pastel Journals' 2005 Annual Pastel 100 Competition awarded Patricia with Best in Wildlife for a wonderful study of guillemots (common murres in the U.S.A.) on a cliff ledge on Hall Island, the Bering Sea; and Honorable Mention for Skimming (featured here).
In 1999 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation commissioned a painting of the endangered Red-cockaded Woodpecker, and used a limited edition print as a fund-raiser for conservation efforts. In 2001, Patricia participated as a scholar (expedition artist) in the Smith College project The 1899 Harriman Expedition Retraced: A Century of Change. A television special about this scientific and cultural exploration of Alaska appeared on PBS in June, 2003.
Her work has appeared in The Best in Wildlife Art 2 and The Best in Wildlife Art (North Light Books); in a limited-edition art book North American Endangered and Protected Species; and in publications such as US Art, Focus magazine (Milan, Italy), Wildlife Art, and Wildlife in North Carolina.
Patricia teaches at the University of North Carolina Botanical Garden's Botanical Illustration Certificate Program and is a member of the garden's Advisory Council. Across the country, she teaches workshops and classes in Watercolor, Pastel, Composition, and Color Theory.
Medium: Pastel, Watercolor, Scratchboard, Oil, Egg Tempera.
Subjects: Botanical; Wildlife; Landscape.
Style: Representational.
Navigation: Main Menu remains on top and the galleries are easy to navigate.
Gallery: Paintings: Florals; Landscape; Wildlife; Illustrations.
Image View: Each gallery opens in a page of thumbnails. Click to enlarge, and for further information on medium and dimension. Images may be saved. Skimming is 14 x 21 ins, 576 x 389, 34 KB.
Blog/Demo/Facebook/Twitter/EBay/Flickr: No.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kathleen Newman

Name: Kathleen Newman, PSA
Bio: Kathleen Newman studied at Chicago's American Academy of Art, and The School of the Art Institute. She formed Queen of Arts Studios, Inc., a design/illustration business, before making a recent transition to fine art. Since then, she has been awarded the Master’s Circle Award by the International Association of Pastel Societies and signature status in the Pastel Society of America, American Society of Marine Artists and Transparent Watercolor Society of America. She is also a member of the historic Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago Pastel Painters and Oil Painters of America. She has studied with Ken Auster, Jeanne Dobie, Albert Handell, Gregg Kreutz, David Leffel, Burt Silverman, and Sally Strand
Her awards include the Pastel Journal Pastel 100, 2001 and 2002 and 2005; and Best of Show, American Impressionist Society, Taos, New Mexico 2005.
She is represented by the Fountainside Fine Art Gallery, Wilmington, North Carolina; Studio b. Gallery; and through her studio in the historic Fine Arts Building, Chicago. Her work is held in many private collections throughout the country as well as by Northwestern’s Prentice Hall, the Ritz-Carlton Orlando; Ritz-Carlton Destination Club, Jupiter, Florida; AT&T, IBM, MCI, Disney, Deloitte and the American Dental Association.
Her work has been included in Best of Portraits, Northlight Books, 1998, and in The Chicago Art Scene, CrowWoods Publishing.
Medium: Pastel, oil
Subjects: Landscape; Seascape. I have rarely come upon a pastel artist with such a portfolio of paintings about sailing.
Style: Representational.
Navigation: A typical FineArtStudioOnLine site. This means that some of the links are generic and do not function if there is no content within (the Archive link is a case in point, but Plein Air, and Portrait are also empty). Main Menu remains available and the galleries are easy to navigate.
Gallery: Paintings: There are thirteen painting collections, and one on available prints. I don’t need to list them all, but do see China, and Venice - and don’t miss the one on sailing. What with the travelling, the sailing, rowing, and medical school images, I suspect that Kathleen’s art closely documents life experiences.
Image View: Each gallery opens in a page of thumbnails that contain information on medium and dimension. Click to enlarge; click again to further enlarge. Download is possible. Starting Line is 22 x 28 ins, 500 x 393, 186 KB.
Blog/Demo/Facebook/Twitter/EBay/Flickr: No.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

José Daoudal

Name José Daoudal
Bio: José Daoudal was born in 1954 and starting to paint at 20. After a start in oil, then watercolour, José finally settled on pastel as his medium of choice to depict the Breton landscape that is his inspiration, and that he likes to paint in situ. He has been a student of Chris (Serrurier).
On peut admirer son travail dans trois endroits en Bretagne :
Echoppe Saint Guenhael, 29 rue St Guenhael, 56000 Vannes ; Maison des Artisans d'Art, 56370 Sarzeau ; Galerie Pieronevo, 9 rue de la motte rouge, 22370 Pléneuf-Val-André.

Medium: Pastel.
Subjects: Still Life (Floral), Landscape.
Style: Representational.
Navigation: Website is in French but easy to navigate. Main menu remains available to the side.
Gallery: Natures Mortes; Marines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Paysages.
Image View: Each gallery opens in a page of thumbnails that you click to view in a Adobe Flash Player 10 slideshow. This means that the images can not be downloaded directly. So use the Prt Sc button and paste the screendump into Photoshop or some such programme.
Note – there are more thumbnails on the page than it seems; move the cursor to the right or left side and more appear. This is an extensive collection of landscapes – heureux qui comme Ulysse a vu cent paysages (bien qu’ils soient tous en Bretagne!)
Incidentally, Daoudal has another gallery of thumbnails here and although the enlarged images are modest, there is no impediment to downloading these.
Blog/Demo/Facebook/Twitter/EBay/Flickr: No.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Maceo Mitchell

Name: Maceo Mitchell
Bio: Maceo Mitchell was born in 1942 in Detroit, Michigan, and studied art at Cass Technical High School and Wayne University, where he received his BFA. In 1967 he attended graduate school at the University of Iowa's Printmaking Department under the master printmaker Mauricio Lasansky, whose influence upon him remains to this day. In Iowa Mitchell married illustrator and artist Patricia J. Wynne, and took his Master's degree in 1969.
Mitchell taught college art until 1974, when he moved to New York City. There he continued teaching art at all levels until 1990. Since then, he has had a solo art exhibition career in North America and Europe, exhibiting in France, Germany, Belgium, Britain, Canada and the United States. His work is included in numerous private collections worldwide. Mitchell is now director of the Pastel Society of America’s Flora B. Giffuni Atelier for Pastels at the National Art Club, New York.
His work was featured of the February 2010 issue of the Pastel Journal in an in-depth profile by Robert K. Carsten.
Medium: Pastel.
Subjects: Still Life
Style: Realistic to hyper-real. Mitchell’s multiple-image constructs are his artistic response to classical music – he terms then “color chorales”. He points out that if his painting contains 42 pears, then he will buy 42 different pears rather than repetitiously paint the same piece of fruit. (I guess it has the added advantage of contributing to a healthy diet!)
Navigation: Main menu remains at bottom of page, with the exception of the extended resumé page.
Gallery: Pastel; Watercolor; Black and White.
Image View: Each gallery opens in a viewer, with a panel of thumbnails to the side that appear in a window alongside on mouseover. You can get the large image to remain visible if you slide off the panel carefully from a thumbnail running along the edge. A central thumbnail is trickier – you need to hold down the left mouse button as you slide off, but it does work. Download is then possible.
Blog: This blog does not seem to be maintained to any great extent. Although there are some more images to be seen.
Demo//Facebook/Twitter/EBay/Flickr: No.

Elizabeth Ganji

Name: Elizabeth Ganji PSA
Bio: Elizabeth Ganji is a self-taught artist specializing in soft-pastel. When she decided to pursue a BSc in Business from Montana State University, Bozeman, she had no concept of how the business knowledge gained would contribute to starting a career in fine art. Years spent in Montana intensified her interest in the West and its wildlife, inspiring her to paint full time. In 2004 a weekend workshop with Teresa Saia introduced Elizabeth to pastels. The immediacy of pastels allowed her to paint while raising a family, thus launching her artistic career. Elizabeth lives with her husband and two sons in southwest Washington. She is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA), as well as a member of the Pastel Society of the West Coast (PSWC), Northwest Pastel Society (NPS), and Women Artists of the West (WAOW).
Deborah Secor conducted an in-depth interview with Elizabeth in the February 2011 issue of the Pastel Journal.
Medium: Pastel, oil. Her support tends to be La Carte, sometimes Wallis or Art Spectrum. Pastels are CretaColor for dark underpainting, Sennelier, and Ludwig.
Subjects: Equine, Landscapes, Wildlife.
Style: Vigorous, almost expressionist, but representational none the less. I don’t know how close Elizabeth gets to the grizzly bears that she paints, but I hope she works fast.
Navigation: Main menu remains at side of page. This is a clever website, with everything accessible from the home page.
Gallery: Equine; Landscapes; Wildlife; Works in oil; Gicléé.
Image View: Each gallery opens in a slideshow of thumbnails that run along the bottom of the viewer. These may be viewed (and enlarged further) individually, or in a slideshow. Title medium and size is usually displayed alongside. Download is discouraged. Lazy Afternoon is 17 x 25 ins.
Demo/Blog/Facebook/Twitter/EBay/Flickr: No.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dale Martin

Name: Dale Martin PSA
Bio: Dale Martin was recognized as a 'Master' by the Pastel Society of America in 2001. He is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of the West Coast, and Knickerbocker Artists. He paints on location and in his studio, and teaches workshops across the U.S.
Among Dale's numerous awards are the Sennelier and the Art Times Awards from the Pastel Society of America, the Eileen McCarthy Award from the Salmagundi Club, and the Board of Directors' Award from Pastel Society of the West Coast. His paintings have been published in Southwest Art, Oklahoma Today, in 200 Great Painting Ideas for Artists and in Pure Color: the Best of Pastel. His work has been included in many private and corporate collections, including those of General Motors, IBM, Oklahoma Natural Gas, and Northwestern University, Chicago.
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: Landscapes, Still Life, Figurative.
Style: Representational
Navigation: Main menu remains on top of page.
Gallery: The gallery page states that they are four collections to view, but only three are posted: Landscapes; Still Lifes; Figures and Portraits. You may find a larger selection of Dale’s work by doing a web search and finding galleries that display his work , such as the Spiritwind Gallery in Sedona, Arizona. I don’t think the artist has updated the site for some time.
Image View: Each gallery opens on a page of thumbnails. These may be viewed (enlarged) individually, or in a slideshow. No information is given as to original size, but the galleries indicate that they are generally fairly standard, ranging from 14 x 18 ins. to 18 x 24 ins. with some non-standard landscape sizes e.g. 10 x 20 ins.
Demo/Blog/Facebook/Twitter/EBay/Flickr: No.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Marianne Post

Name: Marianne Post
Bio: Marianne Post holds a B.S. in design, having studied at the University of California, and the San Francisco Academy of Art. After a successful career as a designer and illustrator she became a full time professional artist in 2005. She has studied with with Susan Oglivie, Richard McDaniels, and Bob Rohm.
For over 30 years, Marianne worked for major corporations and retired in 2006 from her post as principal artist at the University of California, Davis, where she worked for 18 years. Her professional design background contributes to her keen interest in shapes and the patterns of light and shadow.
In addition to being a practising artist, Marianne teaches pastel at the School of Light and Color in Fair Oaks, California. Her award winning work has been juried into national exhibitions, is held in public and private collections across the United States, and appears in Capturing Radiant Light & Color in Oils and Soft Pastels, by Susan Sarback, published by North Light Books, 2007.
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: Landscape. Marianne paints the familiar, yet ever changing landscape of her home state, California.
Style: Representational
Navigation: Main menu remains on top of page.
Gallery: A single page of named and sized thumbnails.
Image View: Each thumbnail opens in a new page, and may be downloaded. Silver Falls is 11 x 14 ins. and a typical filesize of 432 x 324, 13 KB
Demo: No; but see blog.
Facebook/Twitter: Yes
EBay/Flickr: No.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Colette Odya Smith

Name: Colette Odya Smith
Bio: A Milwaukee native, Colette Odya Smith majored in Fine Art, Humanities and Education at Macalester College and studied soft pastels at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. She teaches workshops at the Peninsula Art School in Door County, Wisconsin. She is an award-winning pastel painter who has exhibited regionally and nationally for 15 years, winning numerous awards including multiple honors in the Pastel Journal, The Artist’s Magazine, International Artist (formerly Pastel Artist International) and American Artist competitions. She had a piece in American Artist in 2005 and was one of the seven artists featured in the "snow" issue of the Pastel Journal, February 2010.
Her work is in many private and corporate collections including Northwestern Mutual, Waukesha Memorial Hospital, Deloitte and Touche LLP, and Acuity Insurance. She is in the permanent collection of the Wichita Center for the Arts.
Medium: Pastel, sometimes with additional media such as watercolour, India ink and gold leaf. Colette works on Rising 4-ply museum board, beginning with a watercolour underpainting. She layers her pastels from dark to light, blending the underlayers and stroking the top layers, fixing and repeating the process where required.
Subjects: Landscape.
Style: Intimate landscapes that vibrate at the interface of reality and abstraction. To view a collection of Colette Odya Smith’s waterscapes is to feel “wetness” as a concept.
Navigation: Main menu on bottom of home page; all gallery pages remain accessible at all times.
Gallery: Six pages and the 9/11 series.
Image View: Each gallery opens in a new page. The generous thumbnail images may be enlarged further on a new page, and downloaded. Dimension is provided. Rose-colored leaves is 24 x 32 ins 621 x 468, 96.6 KB
Blog/Demo/EBay/Flickr: No.

Jean-Charles Peyrouny

Name: Jean-Charles Peyrouny
Bio: After an initial career in industry as a archivist, then as a logistics engineer, this self-taught artist began with gouache, ink and colored pencil before turning to pastels in 1992. He moved to the Dordogne in 1998, where he teamed up with painter Robert Billant in the Bergerac Académie Pictura. There he established a drawing and pastels department, and his career as a pastel painter took off. Since then, his department has welcomed over 500 students. Peyrouny has worked with the late Jean-Pierre Merat, who was President of the Pastel Society of France, and with Gwenneth Barth, to refine his technique for portraiture and for the nude. He has written on the nude in Pratique des Arts, hors-série 21 pastel, Octobre 2010; and has published a DVD, l'Art du nu.
Medium: Pastel.
Subjects: Nudes, portraits and landscapes.
Style: Representative tending toward hyper-realism in some instances.
Navigation: This website is entirely blog-based. I have been avoiding pastel blogs up to now; blogs in general are diaries arranged in a reverse chronological order, without any real signposts exclusively towards the artwork. This blog is an exception, as it is cleverly and logically arranged, and simple to negotiate. Portfolio lists the gallery categories. Each gallery maintains this list on the left of the page.
Gallery: Portrait; Nu; Sanguines et fusains; Paysage; Les oubliés; Scènes de vie; Animalier (the link exists, but this gallery is currently closed); Divers.
Image View: Each gallery opens effectively in a new blog. Some of the images (but not all) may be clicked on to further enlarge. The images may be downloaded. Information is usually given on dimension and support. Poussière magique is 441 x 343, 45 KB
Blog: There is a “typical” blog as part of the overall package and it is interesting and informative, with links to other artists, demos etc. in itself. It is in French of course, but this is what translation tools are for.
EBay/Flickr: No.