Saturday, January 15, 2011

GuoYue Dou

Name: GuoYue Dou
Bio: GuoYue Dou was born in 1960, Tianjin, China. He graduated from Tianjin Academy of Arts and Design, and worked as a graphic designer and interior designer before moving to Toronto, Canada where he now specializes in fine arts and portraiture. GuoYue Dou was a finalist in the International Portrait Competition 2008 hosted by the Portrait Society of Canada. He has also won a Merit Award at the Richeson 75 Pastel Competition 2010.
En observant et en peignant la vie urbaine, GuoYue Dou s'est intéressé à l'impact qu'ont nos vies quotidiennes sur le monde qui nous entoure, comme les émissions de gaz à effet de serre et la crise économique. Il exprime ses préoccupations à travers l'art en espérant conscientiser les autres. GuoYue Dou apprécie les mystères de la création artistique.
Medium: Pastel, oil, acrylic.
Subjects: Figurative; Cityscapes; Wildlife; Animals.
Style: Representational.
Navigation: Main menu remains on top.
Gallery: City Life; Portrait; Flower; Cityscape; Still Life; Figure; Window Scenes; Animal.
Image View: Rather than click on the images for the galleries that are presented to the side of the home page, click on Gallery in the main menu. This opens a page in which thumbnails of all Dou’s work is visible. One may of course click on a thumbnail to view, but if you click on Details (rather than on Album) you will get information on medium and size. Thus City Life and Cityscape is solely oil and acrylic; Flower is pastel, oil and acrylic; Still Life, Figure and Window Scenes is pastel only; Portrait is solely pastel and charcoal. Don't omit to scroll down the home page for new work.
Click on thumbnils to enlarge – they may be saved. The butterfly is 16 x 20 ins, 753 x 555, 55 KB.
Blog/Demo/Facebook/Twitter/EBay/Flickr: No.

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