Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jean-Charles Peyrouny

Name: Jean-Charles Peyrouny
Bio: After an initial career in industry as a archivist, then as a logistics engineer, this self-taught artist began with gouache, ink and colored pencil before turning to pastels in 1992. He moved to the Dordogne in 1998, where he teamed up with painter Robert Billant in the Bergerac Académie Pictura. There he established a drawing and pastels department, and his career as a pastel painter took off. Since then, his department has welcomed over 500 students. Peyrouny has worked with the late Jean-Pierre Merat, who was President of the Pastel Society of France, and with Gwenneth Barth, to refine his technique for portraiture and for the nude. He has written on the nude in Pratique des Arts, hors-série 21 pastel, Octobre 2010; and has published a DVD, l'Art du nu.
Medium: Pastel.
Subjects: Nudes, portraits and landscapes.
Style: Representative tending toward hyper-realism in some instances.
Navigation: This website is entirely blog-based. I have been avoiding pastel blogs up to now; blogs in general are diaries arranged in a reverse chronological order, without any real signposts exclusively towards the artwork. This blog is an exception, as it is cleverly and logically arranged, and simple to negotiate. Portfolio lists the gallery categories. Each gallery maintains this list on the left of the page.
Gallery: Portrait; Nu; Sanguines et fusains; Paysage; Les oubliés; Scènes de vie; Animalier (the link exists, but this gallery is currently closed); Divers.
Image View: Each gallery opens effectively in a new blog. Some of the images (but not all) may be clicked on to further enlarge. The images may be downloaded. Information is usually given on dimension and support. Poussière magique is 441 x 343, 45 KB
Blog: There is a “typical” blog as part of the overall package and it is interesting and informative, with links to other artists, demos etc. in itself. It is in French of course, but this is what translation tools are for.
EBay/Flickr: No.


  1. beautiful painting! Great detail!

  2. Je viens de m’apercevoir de votre référencement sur votre blog. J'en suis très honoré et je vous en remercie.

    Jean-Charles Peyrouny