Saturday, January 8, 2011

Maceo Mitchell

Name: Maceo Mitchell
Bio: Maceo Mitchell was born in 1942 in Detroit, Michigan, and studied art at Cass Technical High School and Wayne University, where he received his BFA. In 1967 he attended graduate school at the University of Iowa's Printmaking Department under the master printmaker Mauricio Lasansky, whose influence upon him remains to this day. In Iowa Mitchell married illustrator and artist Patricia J. Wynne, and took his Master's degree in 1969.
Mitchell taught college art until 1974, when he moved to New York City. There he continued teaching art at all levels until 1990. Since then, he has had a solo art exhibition career in North America and Europe, exhibiting in France, Germany, Belgium, Britain, Canada and the United States. His work is included in numerous private collections worldwide. Mitchell is now director of the Pastel Society of America’s Flora B. Giffuni Atelier for Pastels at the National Art Club, New York.
His work was featured of the February 2010 issue of the Pastel Journal in an in-depth profile by Robert K. Carsten.
Medium: Pastel.
Subjects: Still Life
Style: Realistic to hyper-real. Mitchell’s multiple-image constructs are his artistic response to classical music – he terms then “color chorales”. He points out that if his painting contains 42 pears, then he will buy 42 different pears rather than repetitiously paint the same piece of fruit. (I guess it has the added advantage of contributing to a healthy diet!)
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Gallery: Pastel; Watercolor; Black and White.
Image View: Each gallery opens in a viewer, with a panel of thumbnails to the side that appear in a window alongside on mouseover. You can get the large image to remain visible if you slide off the panel carefully from a thumbnail running along the edge. A central thumbnail is trickier – you need to hold down the left mouse button as you slide off, but it does work. Download is then possible.
Blog: This blog does not seem to be maintained to any great extent. Although there are some more images to be seen.
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