Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pierre Caro

Name: Pierre Caro
Bio: Pierre Caro was born in Villeurbanne, Lyon, 1952 of Andalusian parents. After studying at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Lyon from 1970-1975, and Paris, and Chicago where he worked with Jovo Krneta, Pierre Caro frequented the workshop of the Marseille-born artist Jean Fusaro. Early in his career he devoted himself to pastel, infusing his technique with a modern approach while absorbing the teachings of the old masters.
He has considerable musical and theatrical talent - in 1980 he applied himself to textile design for the city of Lyon.
Caro compares pastel to a butterfly’s wing, since, he says, it embodies the maximum intensity of pigments. It offers endless possibilities, from the most violent colors to the softest tones, and most complex of drawing techniques to techniques more closely associated with painting, everything is permitted.
Caro believes that in our era of virtual images it is necessary to call for a revival which perpetuates the necessary direct contact of the hand with the material.
D’une grande richesse picturale, son œuvre renouvelle la technique avec modernité, tout en respectant l’enseignement des anciens. Des flous jaillissent d’un dessin vigoureux, créant tout un jeu de tranparences. L’artiste compare le pastel une aile de papillon, douce et saturée, « parce qu’elle a emmmagasiné le maximum de pigments. »
En feuilletant son monde, on pénètre dans une gare en Inde à la croisée des destins; bien plus loin, dans l'Extrême-Orient des films de Kurosawa, des guerriers de "Ran".
En Chine, on découvre toute une foule en mouvement au son des flûtes…de l'autre côté des mers, au Brésil, la peau bleue des Africains qui ont traversé l'Atlantique. Sur la route de la Soie, on aperçoit des corps couverts d'étoffés… Jouissance de la vie au bord d'une piscine.
Et Caro attire le lecteur de ses images vers l'évidence de leur bonheur, celui d'un instant, tout en jouant de la transparence: tulles, voiles, fumées, miroirs, un soleil omniprésent, partition de l'ombre, caprice de la pluie. Jean-Yves LOUDE (écrivain).
Medium: Pastel. 
Subjects: Landscape, Figurative.
Style: Representational, but highly stylized, and among the most colourful pastel paintings that I have ever seen. A rich palette of primaries is covered by transparent glazes that  reveal a technical mastery of the medium and a painstaking process. He layers many coats of pastel and fixative to obtain the  result he needs – the apparently impossible effects of transparency with a medium that is essentially opaque. This process allows him to work with relatively few primary colours, like an oil paiinter, as they mix optically though the layers. He has tried many supports, but finds that a velour surface allows for most layers. His fixative is Talens during the course of the work, and a final spray of Lascaux acrylique that stabilises all layers and gives a resistant finish. For a full exposition of Caro’s technique  seek out Pratique des Arts, Spécial Pastel, June 2011.
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