Tuesday, March 15, 2011

James Few

Name: James Few, PSA, KA.
URL: http://jimfew.home.mchsi.com/page2.htm
Bio: For a man with so many strings to his bow, James Few does not seem to have been named appropriately. James was born in South Carolina, and lives on the Florida gulf coast. James is a renaissance man, the real deal - he is not only an artist, he is a former USAF fighter pilot, a civilian flight instructor, a decorated Vietnam veteran, and an electrical engineer, with an MBA from the University of Chicago; he was also the principal oboist of the Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra.
His paintings have been exhibited and winning awards in national juried shows every year since 1988. Jim has taken workshops Marilyn Simpson, Albert Handell, and with the late Ben Konis.
National juried exhibits include group shows in New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans, Sacramento, Oakland, San Diego, Wichita KS, Scottsdale AZ, Sedona AZ, Milwaukee WI, Pensacola, FL and Charlotte NC.
Listed in Who's Who in American Art, Who's Who in the South and Southwest, he is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, The Knickerbocker Artists-USA, the Degas Pastel Society and the American Artist's Professional League. He is also a contributing artist in the US Air Force Art Program, and a founding member of the Pastel Society of North Florida.
Jim writes: "At the age of 80, I suppose you might say I am in my lazy period, though I still do a little plein air pastel sketching at an Elderhostel w/s in the Colorado Rockies and have done so every fall for the past 7-8 years."
Jim – may you never run out of puff!
Medium: Pastel, Acrylic.
Subjects: Landscape, Figurative, Aviation.
Style: Realistic.
Navigation: This is an old website – possibly the first one developed by a pastel artist, and online since 1996. It was handcoded by James in basic HTML, and hasn’t changed much since. A a slice of web history it should be maintained just as it is – it is perfectly navigable and the links are always available and logical in their import.
Gallery: Gallery I, Gallery II, Gallery III,
Image View: The galleries consist of thumbnails with commentary. Click to enlarge in a new page; you can go back, or proceed to “Next Painting” - a new page again. Download is not blocked, although the images are not particularly hi-res, they are perfectly readable, and enjoyable! I am featuring two paintings by James.  The Pub has never been rejected by a jury. It has been one of James' most sucessful paintings: As a Knickerbocker Signature Artist, James is one of only 300 living artists that have been selected to use "KA" behind a signature on a piece of art.
And as I have never yet come across a pastel artist with such a distinguished flying record, I am posting one of Jim’s aviation paintings – they don’t get more authentic than On top of the Storm.
Demo: Yes, three.
Blog/Ebay/Flickr: No.

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