Monday, April 4, 2011

Ian Ingram

Name: Ian Ingram
Bio: Sometimes I stumble upon an artist who is outside the mainstream of "pastel artists" in the sense that the medium is not necessarily the message, to paraphrase Marshall McLuhan. Ian Ingram is one such artist, and is featured on this blog because he does make extensive use of pastel in his work. 

Ian Ingram was born in 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia, but also attended Washington University, St. Louis, and Temple/Tyler Art School, Rome, Italy. Ian Ingram currently lives and works in Austin, Texas.
Having made a self-portrait every year since he was 16, Ingram has recently been working on a highly anticipated series of large-scale self-portrait drawings
His work is often about moments of transition, points in life where change occurs. His self-portraits are autobiographical reflections of meaningful events, such as his wedding, or the birth of his child. Ian describes these emotional moments as “times when a decision or an action changes your entire worldview. The image is of leaving one world and pushing through to another.” 
Cross contours, grids, and blending build the subtleties, nuances, and porous surfaces of the human face. Working with a base of charcoal, pastel, ink, and watercolor, Ingram has also begun incorporating more unconventional materials into his work, such as beads, beeswax, metallic thread, silver leaf, string, and even butterfly wings. 

This is from a blog written by Ian’s wife:
“My husband, ian, is an artist. his current work is a series of charcoal self portraits – intense and magnificent – that are 7 feet high and 5 feet wide. he starts with a big white paper and spends 3 focused months creating each piece. using his hands or sponges or self-made tools, he rubs and grinds charcoal into the paper’s surface. I am continually astonished by what he can create out of burnt wood and white paper.
what mystifies me is that he’ll sometimes take a black lump of eraser in his hand and remove days of hard work in order to start over. but he says that the paper has a memory. though he can take it back to white, the grit of the paper has changed, inevitable altering the piece. and what was in fact important was what was learned between white and white.”

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2010 Self-Portraits, Barry Friedman Ltd, New York, NY
2006 The Opposite of Death: Translations of India, Turner Carroll Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2004 Five Skin Ten Skin: Drawings by Ian Ingram, Quan Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2001 Jazz: Drawings by Ian Ingram, Churchill Grounds, Atlanta, GA
2000 Drawings by: Ian Ingram, The Youngblood Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Medium: Pastel, charcoal, gold leaf, watercolour, embroidery, metallic threads, string, beads, beeswax, butterfly wings........
Subjects: Self-portraits
Style: Hyper-realistic.
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Gallery: Work: New Work; Divining.
Image View: Images are displayed in a viewer above a series of thumbnails. The main window of the viewer acts as a magnifier of the piec e; which is an essential part of the experience given the huge scale of Ingram's work. The painting featured here, Pierrot, measures 82.5 x 51 inches, and is made of Charcoal, pastel, watercolor and gold leaf. This is the biggest file I have uploaded to date, at 3.25 MB.
Blog: On his website
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