Friday, April 15, 2011

Robin Frisella

Name: Robin Frisella, PSA
Bio: New Hampshire artist Robin Frisella took her first pastel class in 2000 and has been exhibiting and winning awards ever since. Her first piece won Best of Show; it was a "eureka" moment. By 2005 Frisella had left her job to pursue her art career full time. She has continued studying with local artists and teaches the medium to a keen following of students. In 2006 Robin opened Frisella Fine Art Studio in Candia, New Hampshire. Her work has featured in a number of publications, including American Artist Magazine,  May 2010 and September 2009; and in Best of American Pastels Volume II, Kennedy Publishing, 2009.
Medium: Pastel. One hint I picked up from Frisella, who works on several paintings at a time, is that when finished she lays sheets of newsprint paper over the top and applies heavy weights to press the particles of pastel into the support (she uses Wallis).
Subjects: Still Life; Portraits; Landscapes.
Style: Realistic.
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Gallery: Still Life; Portraits; Landscapes.
Image View: Each gallery consists of thumbnails which may be clicked to enlarge on a new page. There is no information on the dimensions of the original work. The image can be saved. As with all artists whose work is excellent throughout a range of subjects, choice of a single image typique is always going to be tough. I think Frisella is perhaps most keen on still life, so I have chosen Sweet Memories which I know is 12 x 18in as it was published in American Artist.
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  1. Hi Oldenbroke!
    I loved their work, are very creative and very original.
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  2. Hello Roberto - glad to hear from Brazil. And of course I will visit yout blog!

  3. Brazil comes in as 8th in the world for visitors to my blog, with 1498 visitors since February 2010