Friday, May 6, 2011

Rosa Elvira Caamaño

Name: Rosa Elvira Caamaño
Bio: Spanish artist Rosa Elvira Fernandez Caamano was born in Bueu (Pontevedra). She spent part of her childhood in Meira,  in her aunt's full of painted walls, flowers and fantastical characters, and great photographs of her ancestors. A BA in Bueu y Pontevedra, was  followed by a pharmacy course in Santiago de Compostela; Rose subsequently moved to Madrid to join the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando. In 1980 she qualified as an art teacher, and received a BA in Fine Arts with a thesis on the horse in art. In 1991 her doctoral thesis gained her a PhD in Fine Arts from Complutense University.
Medium: Pastel, oil, charcoal, mixed media.
Subjects: Landscape ; Still Life.
Style: Representational.
Navigation: There is only the one page of pastels to view.
Gallery: You may access other images in other media: Oil, drawing, prints, mixed media, etc.
Image View: Six paintings are presented on one page. Beluso Beach, Pontevedra, is 50 x 60 cms.
Blog/Demo: No.
Facebook: Yes

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