Thursday, June 2, 2011

In memoriam Joan Marti Aragones

Name: Joan Marti
Bio: The late Catalan painter Joan Marti Aragones was born in Barcelona in 1936, during the Spanish Civil War. At thirteen years of age he was admitted as an apprentice to the studio of Nolasc Valls. Marti showed a predilection for Figurative Art from the start and enrolled in the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, whence he graduated in 1959 with a BFA. After completing his studies he won a scholarship to further their studies in Italy and America.
At twenty years of age, Marti had his first solo exhibition. Six years later, and after a deep reflection on his painting, he had his successful second exhibition, this time in the Gallery Jaimes in the famous Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona.
In 1986 he moved to Rome, to the Cinecitta film studios, where the film Othello was shooting, and with full authority from director Franco Zeffirelli, took notes on Placido Domingo, Katia Ricarelli and other actors. Martí completed 25 works on the theme of Othello with Placido Domingo as the main model for a traveling exhibition which went worldwide in 1992. From then he held exhibitions in the major Spanish galleries, and throughout the world. 
Joan Marti passed away in February, 2009.
Medium : Oil, Pastel, Watercolor, Graphite.
Subjects: Figurative; Landscape.
Style: Representational.  Of his figurative painting, the critic Josep Pla said that it was full of "practical realism, almost magical, extremely intelligent and enjoyable." 
Navigation: The website is nominally in Spanish, Catalan and English, but only the Catalan links are active.
Gallery: Cuadros (Paintings) – Cuadros en venta (Paintings for sale) – Galeria 01; Galeria 02; Galeria 03.
Image View: Each gallery consists of thumbnails that give information on title, size and medium if you rest the cursor thereon. The majority are in oil, but there are some pastels. Clicking on a thumbnail opens a larger image on a new page – this image may be saved.
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