Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Patrick Hedges

Name: Patrick Hedges
Bio: Patrick Hedges was born in Kampala, Uganda, and lived for 14 years in and around East Africa. This early childhood instilled in him a love of wildlife and the outdoors. His description of his life at home sounds like an African version of My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell - from a bedroom full of live snakes to 40 dwarf toads in the bathtub. Patrick and family moved to England in 1974 after his father died, but he soon developed a severe case of wanderlust, and when he started to develop his skills as an artist, it soon became evident that his subject matter was always going to be wildlife.
Nowadays Patrick Hedges lives in Adelaide, South Australia, with his wife and children.
Medium : Scratchboard , pastels, acrylic, oil, pencil.
Subjects: Wildlife, portraits.
Style: Realistic and detailed renditions of his subjects.
Navigation: The website is a blog.
Gallery: My Art: Scratchboards; Pastels; Other Media
Image View: Each gallery consists of thumbnails that enlarge when clicked. The size of the original is not noted, but the enlargements may be saved.
Blog: This site is a blog.
Demo: Yes – go to the art blogs for serial development of paintings.
Ebay/Flickr: No

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