Saturday, November 5, 2011

David Napp

Name:  David Napp
Bio:   Born in 1964, Londoner David Napp trained at Canterbury College of Art, England, 1981-1985. He graduated with a first class diploma, Chartered Society of Designers. He has exhibited with the Royal Watercolour Society and the Pastel Society, and has held annual solo exhibitions in the Bourne Gallery in Reigate since 1987. (Click on the link to see his portfolio there.) He has also shown in Holland and in the USA. He was  Lecturer at the Kent Institute of Art and Design, 1988-1992 and the Grace Barrand Design Centre, 1999-2003.
David Napp settled in the south of France because  the strong light suited his subject matter and style. His website has him currently residing in Italy.
Medium : Pastel, oil, watercolour. David says of his work:
I am a colourist and I seek to enhance the colour quality of the subject matter and use colour to express my reaction to the landscape emotively. Chalk pastels are my main medium because of their tremendous vibrancy of colour and they inspire me to paint with a much richer palette. The general rule of thumb when working with chalk pastel is to work from dark to light. After years of practice with this medium I now enjoy breaking with tradition and experimenting with colour harmonies and contrasts. I look for ways of describing the subject matter that generate unusual harmonies of colour. This creates a strong stance, something that I believe to be characteristic of my work. I will, for example, put bright blues among reds, and magentas into greens, bring cool colours forward and make warm ones recede. I prefer using the vibrant colours of the spectrum and tend to limit the use of earthy natural colours. I often create an under-painting of warm reds, oranges and yellows that come through and create a notion of heat, whilst purples, blues and magentas are used to create cool-feeling shadows.
Subjects: Landscape. Figurative.
Publications: David Napp has contributed to numerous publications:  articles in and covers for the Artists and Illustrators magazine; the front cover and four-page article in The Artist magazine, 2000; and contributions to the Encyclopedia of Pastel Technique, Quarto Publishing, 1992; Trees Flowers and Foliage, Batsford Press, 1994; Pastels Workshop, Harper and Collins, 1994;  Colour, Harper and Collins, 1994; Painting Still Life by Peter Graham, David & Charles, 2001.
Style: Representational, colorist.
Navigation: All links remain available on right of page. Latest date mentioned on the site is 2009.
Gallery: Oils; Pastels; Limited Editions
Image View: Each gallery consists of a number of pages of thumbnails. Each enlargement opens  in a new window, with full information in the legend. There is no impediment to download. Casa sul Lago Maggiore is 60 x 80 cm, 517 x 390, 45 KB.

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