Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Additions

French artists Pierre Caro (left) and Gérard Jan deep in discussion at the Festival International du Pastel, Feytiat, Limoges on July 1st, 2011.

After a long and busy summer with a limited internet connection, I shall shortly add the following artists to the blog. When the names and links get added to the "to be reviewed" section, this post will be deleted. But for now, for those of you hungry for new pastellists, I am simply listing them here - in  no particular order! All have been published in some publication or other, so while the style and quality of the work varies, they have been "juried" by a journal, including the American Pastel Journal and the excellent French Pratique des Arts, both of whom follow this blog. (I would gratefully accept a free subscription to the Pratique des Arts, if the marketing department is listening. I know that artists have appeared in the magazine subsequent to being featured on this blog.)


  1. Thank you for the great links to pastel artists!

  2. What a great resource all these artists are! One medium, but how many means of expression!