Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lori Corradi

Name: Lori Corradi
Bio:  Lori Corradi was born and raised in New York City.  She moved to Ojai in Southern California in 1986, world renowned as a destination for artists, collectors and outdoor enthusiasts. It is also the location for the television series Brothers and Sisters!
Lori enjoys painting the landscapes of Southern California and those she encounters abroad during her travels.  She enjoys painting  en plein air.  Lori’s passion for the shapes, colors, textures, light and shadow patterns, and simultaneous contrasts found in nature inspire her to paint her landscapes.  She has served on the committees of various pastel societies, and has been winning awards since at least 2008.
Lori donates a portion of her art sale proceeds to non-profit organizations that protect the environment and wildlife.  She also donates to organizations that are working to find cures for cancer, MS and other diseases, and which provide assistance to people who are living with illness and/or disabilities such as the Make A Wish Foundation and MS Foundation.  She also supports the National Disaster Search Dog foundation (NDSDF) which trains and provides dogs to search for disaster victims around the world (Lori is the proud owner of a Golden Retriever that accompanies her on her hikes).
Medium: Pastel, watercolour, oil.
Subjects: Landscapes.
Style: Representational/impressionistic.
Navigation: A FineArtStudioOnline website.
Gallery: Works: Landscape Collection; Panorama Collection; Field Studies
Image View: Thumbnails enlarge in viewer and may be further enlarged in new viewer.  Information is provided on all images, large and small. Poppy Passion IV is 16 x 20 ins, 550 x 443, 200 KB.
Demo/Blog: No.

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