Saturday, February 4, 2012

Corry Kooy

Name:  Corry Kooy
Bio: Dutch artist (a first for this blog) Corry Kooy (born October 19, 1960) lives and works in Schoonhoven. She attended drawing and painting training in England and participated in various master classes in England and the Netherlands. Her work is regularly exhibitions and is represented by several prominent galleries. She has won prizes in England and the Netherlands, including the Cross Gate Gallery Award, London, 2000, and the Frank Herring Award, London, 2001. More recently, she carried off the Green Heart Art Prize, Nieuwkoop, 2007 with a pastel of newborn calf. In 2007, the book Corry Kooy: Schilderen in Pastel en Olieverf (Corry Kooy: Painting in Pastel and Oil) was published. 
Corry has a fascination with dance and music which she shows in pastels and oil paintings. She also like to work with a model, especially in winter when the weather does not allow for plein air work.Corry Kooy is a member of the artists GSA in Hilversum
Medium: Pastel, oil, watercolour
Subjects: Figurative, animals, landscape
Style: Nice loose, painterly style. Kooy is not shy about using a full colour palette. She does not seek a photographic representation of reality. "I prefer to work on location; from movement and emotion of the moment I reach something different than when I take a picture and I paint that later....Often those moments are determined by the light. If the earth has warm colouring and there are long shadows, then I stop and grab my sketchbook. Or when I suddenly see a mysterious shadow of a palm tree on a closed door, I immediately want to convey that on canvas or paper." 
Navigation: This website is in Dutch and in English. Links generally remain on top of page.
Gallery: Dieren (Animals) ; Portretten (Portraits) ; Modellen (Models), Stad en Land (Town and Country), Muziek en Dans (Music and Dance), Interieur (Interior); Schetsboek (Sketchbook).
Image View: There are no thumbnails. All images are presented as a slideshow. No information is provided on medium or dimension of original.
Demo/Blog: No. But you can see a splendid video of Corry at work on YouTube. This is the version with an English commentary:
This is the French version:
If you go to this page and scroll down to bottom you will find a filmed interview in English that Corry did with the Cambridge Art Academy.


  1. Now I have an English version on my website. Thanks for making this comment on your blog. There is also a interview in English about the way I paint in pastels. Kind regards, Corry Kooy

  2. Thanks Corry. I have updated the post accordingly.

  3. I will have an exhibition in La Rochelle as an honory guest with the French Pastellistes from 6th of April 2013

  4. Well deserved. La Société des Pastellistes de France are a demanding lot! I would love to be there but it's too early in the year for me; but La Rochelle is a stunningly beautiful city - go there if you can!

  5. Thank you, will do! Thanks again for all the work you do.