Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cushla Naegele

Name:  Cushla Naegele
Bio: Cushla Naegele art studies began in High School at the Fiorello LaGuardia High School of Music and Art, followed by The Art Student's League, Cornell University College of Art, Architecture and Planning, The New York Studio School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture, and she received my MFA in Painting from Brooklyn College, City University of NY.  Her pastel work is entirely self-taught, her influences ranging from Degas to Lautrec - primarily in the sense of what they were able to achieve with the medium.
Medium: Pastel. Oil. Charcoal. She draws with chunky black charcoal and delicate pastels on a variety of supports - most often paper, either hand primed with ArtSpectrum pastel primer or not.  She favours Rembrandt, Schminke and Unison pastels. Naegele says: The process captivates me, watching as faces emerge from the raw materials of compressed dust and gum Arabic and the energy of my hand and arm, filling a blank two-dimensional space.
This quote reminds me of a poem by Lawrence Durrell:
...surely you won’t ever/Be puzzled by a poem or disturbed by a poem/Made like fire by the rubbing of two sticks. (To Ping-Kû, Asleep).
Subjects: Landscape; Figurative. Naegele regards these subjects as interchangeable. She views landscape as a form of portraiture of local topography, geology, and geography as well as roads, fences, and cultivated fields. Her portraits of locations led to portraits of people, representations of a moment in the subject's life, the geology of an emotion, geography of a countenance, the structure of a piece of jewelry, a hat, a collar.
Style: Representational.
Navigation: A bit odd in that you can access the portfolios from the home page, but the galleries are not accessible from the information page although the links are still there at the top of the page.
Gallery: Portfolios: Portraits – Pastel; People – Charcoal; Landscape – Oil; Landscape – Drawings.
Image View:  Galleries open in new page. Thumbnail images are enlarged in a viewer; download is blocked. Information is not provided on medium or dimension. However Hands and Feet is among the largest pastels on the website at about 76 x 111 cm.
Blog/ Demo: No

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