Saturday, February 11, 2012

Laure Peyroux

Name: Laure Peyroux
Bio: French pastellist Laure Peyroux was born in Cannes, and now lives in the region of Montpellier. She is self-taught, but has been drawing since childhood. She has been entering competitions since 1992, and has had shows from the south of France –Cannes, Nimes, Marseille, Lyon, to Paris, and as far north as Lamballe, Côtes d’Armor (Brittany).
Medium: Pastel. Between drawing and painting, nothing can translate emotions with such delicacy, finesse and sensitivity, as pastel  - its vibrant hues and vibrant dazzle us and seize us by its wealth of color, shading effects, its gradients and blended tones...I do not know how to use a brush, I can not detach myself from these sticks. They offer unique moments to mingle and become entangled, melt and coalesce, come together and marry, integral with the artist who is the alchemist.
Subjects: Portraits, figurative. "My favorite theme is the portrait, extended to representations of women, these women I chose, especially the face with its expressions and enigmas, its features and its eyes."
Admirative des jeux d’ombre et de lumière du peintre Georges de la Tour, et du travail très minutieux du peintre William Bougereau, ces maîtres ne feront que conforter son choix et son goût pour le figuratif. Particulièrement intéressée par la physionomie expressive, son travail se veut dans un premier temps, axé sur le portrait pur ; et les peuplades auront pendant longtemps sa préférence.
Pour y parvenir, le pastel va être un précieux allié, sa sensualité et ses couleurs vibrantes vont permettre un rendu inégalé. Aujourd’hui, elle s’oriente vers un travail un peu plus fouillé, toujours mêlant figuratif et expression, mais traitant de sujets qui la touchent dont les messages sont distillés à travers des symboles imagés.
Style: Representational. Peyroux likes to use chiaroscuro to attract attention by the play of contrasts, in order to highlight the emotion and the expression of the characters.
Navigation: The website is in French but the links remain visible and the gallery pages are self-explanatory.
Gallery: Galleries: Planète-Terre (Planet Earth - two pages); Emotion-Elle (figures and nudes;) Magie-Native (a bit enigmatic)
Image View: Thumbnails enlarge in Adobe Flash viewer on same page. Download is not possible. Information is not provided on dimension of original. But I have seen a photograph of the artist next to one of her paintings, and they are sizable.
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