Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jackie Simmonds

“ In the Piazetta, Carnevale di Venezia” © Jackie Simmonds
Name:  Jackie Simmonds
Bio: Jackie Simmonds is known to many artists, especially the self-taught variety (like me!) through her numerous books and articles on art; (her Workshop book may be out of print, but it is worth seeking out – I know, because I have it.) However, her writing is  based on a thorough understanding of the craft, and her own development as an artist. Her determination to paint led Jackie back to art school after a 10-year hiatus during which she ran her own employment agency in central London. She returned to a one-year, full-time foundation course, followed by  three more years in illustration. She  achieved early success with large floral still life paintings that were made into very successful prints. When still life moved out into the garden, inevitably the garden itself became her subject. (She has on occasion opened the garden to the public). From her London home Jackie has visited India, Morocco, Italy and France, travelling and painting.
Jackie’s work has won some prestigious awards, and she has shown her work in some of Britain's leading art institutions, including The Pastel Society and The Society of British Artists. She has been a signature member of the Pastel Sociery of America. Her work is in public collections is England and the Channel Islands, and of course in numerous private collections.
Jackie’s work was featured in the Pastel Journal, September 2004.
Medium: Pastel, oil, watercolour.
Subjects: Landscape, Figurative, Still life.
Publications: Jackie Simmonds Paintings and Sketches; Blurb, 2012.
Pastel Workshop, Harper Collins 1994.
ISBN 0 00 412927 X
Pastel Workbook, David and Charles, 1999, 2007. 
ISBN 10:  0-7153-0843-2;
ISBN – 13: 978-0-7153-2771-5;
Gardens in Pastel, Harper Collins “Learn to Paint “ series.
ISBN 10: 0004129628 ;
ISBN 13: 9780004129624 
Style: Representational.
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Gallery: Around the World; Figures; 2003 exhibition; Beach scenes; 2004 New Works; StillLife; Abstract and Semi-Abstract.
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Demo: Not quite, but there is useful a Pastels Troubleshooter page. See also Jackie's blog.
Blog: For some reason this blog is not visible on Jackie's website, which is quite astonishing as she seems to focus most of her energy here. This is a really useful blog, written by an experienced artist and communicator. Bookmark it, treasure it, follow it, and revisit it regularly.

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