Saturday, March 24, 2012

Javad Soleimanpour new show

Image Copyright Javad Soleimanpour
The pastel paintings of Javad Soleimanpour are among the most exquisite and acomplished you will ever see. He has been absent from the web for some time, but now the Seven Sanat Galerisi in Istanbul is displaying some of his work. To see the pastels, click on the link , then click on "galeri" on the top left of the page. This will open a series of galleries, all displayed as vertical panels on the page. Javad's collection is clearly named (on the extreme left side when I looked). Click on the panel for an Adobe Flash slide show.
Javad Soleimanpour

Javad Solimanpour was born in 1965, Tebriz. His first exhibition was in 1978 at a time when he was working on reproductions of the famous paintings in Saadabat Palace Museum.  Since 1998 the Seven Art Gallery organizes his personal exhibitions in İstanbul, where Soleimanpour continues both painting and teaching at the same time. 
Soleimanpour has this to say about his life as an artist: Since my childhood I only wanted to paint, and nothing else. I have painted the people and things I liked. The people always had things to tell but they never knew that I just liked to watch them talking instead of listening, which maybe I must apologize for. The faces with all of their ripples, texture  and the shadows… time stands still when I paint. And what lies behind the engaging of my art with the viewer is something that comes from deep inside, in my heart. That never ending intensive feeling and to deal with any issues on painting have become mundane for me, such as breathing.”     

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