Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brigitte Monerie

“Checking the Catch” © Brigitte Monerie
Name:  Brigitte Monerie
Bio: French artist Brigitte Monerie paints familiar scenes of daily life, full of colour and luminosity. All the world’s her stage, and the players act out a story that the viewers must flesh out for themselves.
Brigitte spent 14 years in Africa, where she shared in studios and exhibitions at Brazzaville and Conakry - where she taught art to children at the Lycée Français. She also lived in Kinshasa and the exotic and recently inaccessible Ougoudagou. On her return to France she took up pastels and has studied with some of the leading French pastellists. She participates regularly in French exhibitions, and she has amassed at least fifty awards, including the prestigious Prix Blanche Roullier at the Salon des Artistes Français. Her pastel demonstrations have been published in Pratique des Arts and Plaisirs de Peindre.
Brigitte lives and works in Touraine and teaches pastel at the Atelier des Couleurs Agiles of Tours-Montjoyeux. Her paintings are on display in the Gallery Sillage de Sauzon at Belle-Ile en Mer.
Medium: Pastel. Brigitte uses pastel for its immediacy – it allows for spontaneous expression of one’s reaction to a scene from life. The figures are not stiff, you catch them in full flight, so to speak, freeze the moment, and imagine them continuing their lives uninterrupted afterwards. 
«J'aime le pastel pour sa rapidité d'exécution. Il vous permet d'exprimer en toute spontanéité votre émotion face à une scène de la vie quotidienne. Vos personnages ne sont pas figés, vous les surprenez en plein mouvement, arrêtez le temps un court instant et imaginez qu'ils poursuivront leur activité dès que vous les aurez peints. »
Subjects: Scenes of life, rapidly and effectively executed on the spot. I particularly like the children dressed in blue dresses and hats in the Australia section, and the pair of motorbiked duck-vendors together with their misfortunate ducks in the Asia gallery.
Style: Stylized or simplified representational.
Navigation: All links remain available at side of page, and in the galleries there is a drop-down list at the top right of the viewer that permits easy access to each in turn.
Gallery: Australie; Petits formats; Asie; Divers; Afrique; Amérique du sud; Scènes de rue ; Terrasses – Cafés ;  Bords de mer; Intérieurs; Marchés.
Image View:  Thumbnail images may be enlarged individually or viewed in “grand format” which allows one to scroll down through them; they are labelled by title and sometimes size. Download is not possible.
Demo/Blog: Not exactly, but Brigitte has posted some pages from her magazine articles.

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