Monday, April 23, 2012

Enid Wood

“Saltmarsh 3” © Enid Wood
Name:  Enid Wood
Bio: Colorado native Enid Wood was raised in Denver, where she had her first solo exhibition in St. Pauls’s Lutheran Church; worked in England for many years as a violin teacher, and spent summers in Santa Fe. She now lives in Central Texas - she has a studio in Bastrop, and paints full time. She has studied still life and portrait painting with Don Doxey, and landscape painting with Albert Handell.  Enid's award-winning paintings (including frequent appearances in the Pastel 100,) are seen in private collections locally, nationally, and internationally. She is represented in Austin by Artworks, at 1214 W 6th Street.
In an offbeat piece called “Music Lessons,” in  the Pastel Journal, October 2011, Enid wrote eloquently about her twin passions, painting and music. My favourite quote from the article is: “Carefully resolved dissonance…leads to beauty and expressive power – in both music and pastel.”
Medium: Pastel.
Subjects: Landscape.
Style: Representational.
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  1. I wrote a 'fan letter' to Enid Wood after stumbling across her website quite by accident. Her style so impressed me that I had to compliment her, though I was unable to afford any of her artwork. I mentioned in my email to her that I, too, was trying to master pastels.
    Enid not only replied to me--she offered to mentor me over the Internet! I'm disabled & must lie back due to a neck injury, so this suited me perfectly. (Traveling to workshops & sitting or standing thru them is out of the question. And oddly, few are offered in the SF Bay area.
    Not a lot of 'nature' to paint.) Since writing that email 2+ years ago, Enid & I have become the best of friends & her art instruction has allowed me to achieve my one major goal: to like my OWN work! This is huge.
    As for Enid, I still like her style best. She has led me to hundreds of new artists but her work STILL stands out as 'the best' to me. Others agree, I guess. In the same 2+ years, Enid has received PSA status, won many awards, had shows & increased her workshop schedule. Plus, her work is selling like hotcakes at the 5 or 6 galleries that show her! (And for Big Bucks, too!)
    Still, she currently is doing free portraits for the elderly at rest homes & teaching art to poor kids after school. I don't know how she does it all, but I DO know this: she paints a LOT faster than I do! I must keep brushing out & re-doing everything, it seems. Oh, well. DO check out Enid's work--she is great! L&K, MaryB

  2. The Smithville Empty Bowl Project is hosting a Facebook Auction of Enid Wood's "Foothills" at The Auction will close at midnight on Saturday, April 30. Donations go towards the Smithville Food Pantry, the Smithville Community Gardens, Angels Unaware, and the Lost Pines Artisans' Alliance. Thank you for your support!