Thursday, April 5, 2012

Marilyn Witt

“Cornshocks” © Marilyn Witt

Name:  Marilyn Witt
Bio:  Indiana artist Marilyn Witt started painting after her family were grown. She returned to school at Indiana University East and studied art under the instruction of Tom Thomas and attended workshops and classes around the US,   coubting among her instructors Ron Mack, Robert Eberle, Ray Stevens, Nancy Foureman, and Doris Turnbaugh. Her pastels have been winning awards for ten years now.
Medium: Pastel, oil, watercolour, photography.
Subjects: Landscape, still life, figurative.
Style: Representational, with an impressionist bias. Often paints plein air.
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Gallery: Pastel Gallery (there are other media)
Image View:  Gallery thumbnails enlarge as a new webpage and can only be saved as such. Cornshocks is 12 x 16 ins, 617 x 480, 58.6 KB

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