Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eva Vorfeld

“Blaauw naakt, liggend” © Eva Vorfeld

Name: Eva Vorfeld
Bio: Eva Vorfeld, was raised in southern France, but began her formal art studies in the Netherlands. She demonstrated her talent for observation and drawing during her high school in Aix-en-Provence, which formed ​​her decision to study art after her baccalauréat. She started at at The Hague Royal Academy, where her preference for figurative art was not appreciated, so she increasingly went her own way, even studying on her own back in Provence. Her work gained a following and she had her first exhibition at the SIAU gallery in Amsterdam.
She briefly studied law at the University of Avignon, but after a returned to art, stutying in the more sympathetic atmosphere of the Academy Minerva in Groningen, long a conservatory of figurative art. While still a student there was much interest in her work.
Medium: Pastel, oil
Subjects: Figurative; landscape
Style: Representational, in an impressionistic manner.
Navigation: Website is in Dutch, and purports to be in French but I could not get the French link to work. So click on TEKENINGEN/SCHILDERIJEN on the home page.
Gallery: Museum : Naakten (Nudes); Landschappen (Landscapes) ; Portretten (Portraits); Overige (The rest)
Image View: Thumbnails open in new page; the enlarged image may not be very large. Dimensions and medium are not consistently addressed. Blue Nude, Lying is 600 x 344, 235 KB.
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