Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New artists

Sometimes I feel that this blog is getting beyond me. This happens especially when I discover that I am adding artists to my "waiting list" faster than I am getting to review their websites. And now it's happening again. Here follows a list of names recently added to the waiting list - as usual for this list, the artist's first name (prénom) comes first, followed by surname (nom).

Alexandre Moreau
Annie Cassez
Claude Vallepin
Claudine Vallepin
Christiane Rosset
Françoise Ensinger
Gregory Wellman
Heather Harman
John Philbin Dolan
Kit Gentry
Nadia Turpault
Paul Regnier
Robin Swaby
Yves Garandel
Yyvette Bonnet-Fretin

The French Pastel Society, La Société des Pastellistes de France, recently held a competition to find the best pastel artists that had never exhibited with them, and the top ten winners are now posted on their website. Congratulations to all. The first prize is a place on a painting course in County Mayo, Ireland, under the tutelage of Master Pastellist Gwenneth Barth. I hope the weather remains as good as it is forecast!
Concours 2012 - Découverte des plus beaux talents - Classement final. Outre les prix reçus, les oeuvres des 10 premiers seront exposéss aux salon international 2012 à Feytiat, Limoges.

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