Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rüstem Ersöz

“Still Life with Pomegranates” © Rüstem Ersöz

Name: Rüstem Ersöz
“Portrait of the Artist” © Rüstem Ersöz
Bio: Most of the artist featured on this blog tend to be from the USA or from Western Europe. There are a few – a very few - from the Far East, Asia, or Australia and New Zealand. Up to recently the very fine artist Javad Soleimanpour was the sole representative of Turkey, but I am now pleased to be able to add another artist from Turkey to the blog. Rüstem Ersöz was born in 1962 in Eskişehir. As a child, he moved about in different cities in Turkey because of his father’s work. Rüstem attended military college, and after graduation was posted to various locations in Turkey and abroad. He maintained his early interest in art, painting as a pastime during his army career. When he retired seven years ago with the rank of colonel, he decided to concentrate on pastel and take it to a new level. Javad Soleimanpour was a great influence, and Rüstem  took  classes with him to hone his skills. He has participated in several exhibitions mostly in İstanbul, where he still lives with his wife and two sons.
Medium: Pastel – mostly Rembrandt.
Subjects: Portraits; still life; landscape. It is interesting that like Javad Soleimanpour, Rüstem Ersöz tries his hand, very successfully, at a number of genres.
Style: Representational.
Navigation: Website is in Turkish but the important bits have an English tag, e.g. Eserleri - Artworks
Gallery: Eserleri - Artworks
Image View: Thumbnails enlarge in a viewer, where the enlargements may be viewed serially; they may not be saved. Still Life with Pomegranates is 24.5 x 39.5 cm.
Demo: No
Blog: Website is in blog format.

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